15 unique yoga gift ideas to give for International Yoga Day 2022

15 unique yoga gift ideas to give for International Yoga Day 2022

On International Yoga Day, we could all use some breathing exercises.

Whether you’re a guru or a novice to the time-honored practice, yoga is an activity for all ages and ability levels. Given the past few years, it’s no surprise that more people are looking for ways to get relaxed and grounded.

Between the pandemic and navigating a world full of social and political conflicts, it can be incredibly relieving to leave everything on the mat. Plus, studies have shown that yoga can help ease coronavirus-related depression.

Now that more yoga studios are returning to in-person classes, yogis will be on the lookout for the best new yoga mats, hydration gear, and the trendiest outfits to accessorize their practice.

Why not add yoga gifts to the list? Perfect for saying thank you to your instructor for guiding you through the past years or for your spouse (to convince them to join you in a daily sun salutation), we have a pick for everyone in your newly balanced life. 

Yoga mat storage tubes in different colors.
Uncommon Goods

Add some feng shui to your home yoga studio with this stylish and sustainable storage display.

From Uncommon Goods, these free-standing yoga mat storage tubes are made out of 100% recycled kraft paper and wood pulp. The best part? A generous air hole even allows your mat to breathe, so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant odors.

Choose between four different styles to make it your own. A perfect gift for yoga lovers, organization addicts or earth-enthusiasts.

A set of three white and gray massage balls

“Release and recover” sounds like a great mantra for this summer.

Do just that with these post-workout tension-release balls from Lululemon. The set of three varies in size to best target any muscles, big and small. They are made of rubber and have unique indentations to work out even the most stubborn knots.

Perfect gifts for those who need a great DIY massage from the comfort of their own home.


An option for those who have their studio in order but need a monthly reminder to meditate, this subscription box is for them.

From Cratejoy, the Chakra Box is a nine-month journey to spirituality and wellness all wrapped up and delivered to their doorstep. Each box comes with nine to 12 vegan and cruelty-free items that range from essential oils to herbal teas to gemstone jewelry. Meditation music is also available to download each month to listen to during their unboxing and practice, and other goodies like stickers and cards make each monthly box an exciting gift that keeps on giving.

A card game with beer and yoga.
JC Penney

Raise your glass as you lower into tree pose with this 21-and-older take on the traditional practice.

This card game from JCPenney is the perfect gift for beer lovers and yogis alike, and a great quarantine activity for the whole gang in your apartment pod. The set comes with 54 game cards, each with a pose-drink combination and some wildcards thrown into the mix. The set also comes with chips, a die and instructions to read before you get too Zen — or too tipsy.

Black book with an image of a women titled, "Naked Yoga."
Alo Yoga

Get in touch with your body — and we mean your whole body.

A perfectly giftable book for the yogi that embraces the beauty of the practice, Alo Yoga’s “Naked Beauty” features the stripped-down images of men and women in a variety of black-and-white poses.

“ ’Naked Yoga’ is the book that will redefine how you see yoga — the artistry of each asana, whether familiar or pushing the boundaries of what is even possible, paired with the grace and physicality brought by every yogi’s unique expression of their practice. Elevated [and] artistic . . . this 343-page oversized hardcover coffee-table book is perfect for inspiring your favorite yogi — even if that yogi is you,” reads the product description on the Alo Yoga site.

A rainbow and black oil diffuser bracelet

Align all seven chakras in style with this rainbow beaded bracelet.

Sold at Walmart, the unisex style features seven unique colors to represent each of your body’s chakras from your red-colored root to your purple-colored crown. The colored beads are made from natural gemstones and the black beads are made from an absorbent lava stone. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to those, and spend the rest of your day enjoying the sweet scent of relaxation.

Travel mug with skeletons doing yoga on it.

There is truly something for every type of yogi. This is the perfect gift for the spooky yoga lover who wants to stay hydrated!

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy this mug. Yoga is for everyone, and these flexible skeletons make it look easy. In addition to being absolutely adorable, this travel mug is smart enough to keep your drink at just the right temperature. With stainless steel material and double-wall insulation, liquid can stay hot or cold for hours.

Essential oil diffuser sitting on a small table.

A great gift for anyone that needs a breath of fresh (and relaxing) air.

The Vitruvi essential-oil diffuser is at the top of its class for adding soothing scents to your whole home. Place the white or terracotta-colored diffuser in whichever room you do your practice and enjoy any essential oil you prefer. To make it even easier, Vitruvi sells its own kit of four scents, including lavender, spruce, eucalyptus and grapefruit.

The diffuser itself comes with a 6-foot-long power cord and a one-year warranty. It also comes with free shipping and returns on the Parachute website.

Hand gripping yoga rock.
Uncommon Goods

Want to get the most out of all those twists? Deepen your hand to mat connection?

Whether you’re just learning or consider yourself a pro-yogi, these yoga grips are a great tool for engaging all the right muscles.

“In positions like downward dog and chaturanga,” noted creator Rose Pelosi. “There’s a tendency to hold most of your weight in the heels of your hands, leading to unnecessary pressure in the wrist.”

Thankfully, these handy tools attach directly on to a yoga mat to help activate the right muscles and avoid wrist pain. Try them out and you could achieve a whole new level of downward dog.

A circular yoga mat with moon patterns

Help your friends find their center with a unique round mat from Manduka.

The yoga mat combines fashion and function with two beautiful circular patterns and a 3-millimeter thickness for superior comfort. The top layer is made from a durable microfiber fabric that reacts with sweat to keep you cool, dry and slip-proof during intense workouts and poses. When done, leave the mat out as yoga studio decor; a perfect gift for an instructor or someone furnishing their own home studio.

A black yoga sock with toe and heel cut-outs

Don’t trip, this is a great gift for women on your list that love yoga, and each pair comes at a great price.

From Nike, these toeless socks have anti-slip yarns that prevent falling out of a pose or stretch. The open heel and toes let you grip the mat, and the nylon collar securely hugs your ankles for a great fit.

The socks come in a variety of women’s shoe sizes and are a thoughtful stocking-stuffer for the woman that loves barre, yoga or pilates classes but hates having cold, bare feet.

Pink and white yoga mat towel.

Don’t sweat it with this yoga towel from Anthropologie!

This this super absorbent, quick-drying yoga towel is perfect for your favorite heated vinyasa class. With silicone nubs on the underside of the mat, you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding. Plus, each towel is made using at least four recycled plastic bottles for some environmentally-friendly bonus points!

For the yogi that wants to shake up their routine, we have a gift for you.

The set of seven wooden dice feature a different pose on each face. Simply roll them out near your mat and engage in a new lineup of poses each time. The set also comes with an instructional booklet to help explain each pose and offer variations.

A kids yoga play set

It’s never too early to strike a yoga pose.

From Alex Toys, this interactive activity mat includes 24 foam puzzle tiles that mix and match to create their very own yoga-obstacle course or routine. Perfect for cabin-fever kiddos, the set can be rearranged in endless combinations for a new session every time. The kit comes with the pieces, a carrying bag and easy-to-use instructions for parental set-up.

Small gold ornament in the shape of a yogi.
Free People

Balance every aspect of your life with this Warrior 2 ornament.

Whether you save it for the top of your Christmas tree or dangle it above your car dashboard, this yoga-pose ornament provides a great reminder to take a breather and say “namaste.” Better yet, the ornament is handmade by one of Free People’s artisan partners and comes on a golden-colored chain for easy hanging and removal.

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