‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Ronen Rubinstein Teases The Season Finale’s ‘Insane Rescue’ & ‘Epic Moments’

‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Ronen Rubinstein Teases The Season Finale’s ‘Insane Rescue’ & ‘Epic Moments’

Get ready for an ‘intense’ season finale for ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’. Series star Ronen Rubinstein reveals why  the March 9, 2-hour closer might just knock the wind out of you.

“We have an insanely huge rescue [in the Season 2 finale],” Ronen Rubinstein told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, when he stopped by our LA office to tease the March 9, 2-hour season finale of 9-1-1: Lone Star. When the most recent episode of the series came to a close, Ronen’s character, TK, was fighting for his life in a coma after accidentally getting shot during a rescue mission. It’s still unclear whether he’ll survive, and Ronen remained coy when we asked him that question, but no matter what happens, Ronen said fans are going to go nuts upon watching this season’s finale two episodes.

“There’s an insane rescue,” he told us. “It might be one of the most, if not the most, difficult rescues we’ve had so far. What else can I say? There’s also going to be some epic moments between Owen [Rob Lowe] and TK … [I can’t say a lot, but] what I will say is it’s such an intense finale emotionally for these people, for these characters. It will be worth every second of it. It really will. And it’s going to wrap up the season so wonderfully.”

As for TK’s fate, Ronen told us, “Fans should be a little worried about the future of TK. I think both mentally and physically.” He also said, “We don’t know how or if [TK’s] going to wake up. And if he does wake up, we don’t know if he’s going to be fully functioning.”

At this point, it seems pretty clear that the season finale’s going to be a nail-biter. So buckle up and prepare yourselves for two-hours of “intense” and “epic” entertainment. The 2-hour season finale of 9-1-1: Lone Star airs tonight, March 9, at 8pm on FOX.

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