’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Confronts Darcey After Their Breakup & She Refuses To Read His Letter To Her

’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Confronts Darcey After Their Breakup & She Refuses To Read His Letter To Her

Tom goes to visit Darcey after their brutal breakup during the April 26 episode of ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.’ Tom has a letter for Darcey, but she doesn’t read it and has her sister rip it to pieces!

Tom wants to try and make amends with Darcey after their nasty breakup in New York City. He drives to Connecticut to Darcey house to talk to Darcey and deliver a letter he wrote to her in the new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. “I feel badly about how things happened in New York, and I’d like to make them right,” Tom says. When he shows up on Darcey’s doorstep, she asks him what he’s doing here. “I wanted to come and apologize for how things ended yesterday,” Tom tells her. “That’s not what I wanted it to be like. And I’d always tried to treat you with respect and yesterday I didn’t, and I’m sorry for that.”

Darcey admits she is “shocked that Tom showed up. I completely blocked him out of my life. I don’t want to see him. I don’t need any fake apology.” Tom claims he’s not here to hurt Darcey. He tells her that she’s a nice woman and a great mom. Darcey begins to tear up and thinks he just wanted an easy goodbye.

“I came to give you a letter. I’d like you to have it and read it,” Tom says to her. He hands Darcey the letter, but she says she doesn’t feel comfortable taking it. “He had all the time in the world to tell me these feelings,” Darcey says in her confessional. “Why now? Why in a bullsh*t letter? No thanks. Nothing in there is going to convince me he ever cared.”

Darcey refuses to be hurt by Tom anymore. She slams the door in his face, and he leaves the letter on her windshield. “I understand she’s angry and she’s hurt, but it doesn’t have to be like that,” Tom says as he drives away. “I actually found some happiness with Shannon. God knows after putting up with Darcey I deserve it.” So Tom clearly hasn’t changed…

Tom says that he has now found “closure” with Darcey and this final conversation has made him “realize how special Shannon is, and I can’t think of anything more I want than to just be with her right now in fact.”

Both Tom and Darcey have the same feelings about this split. “When I saw Tom, I felt nothing for him,” she admits. “The love was already gone. Relationship, friendship, whatever it is, Tom is done. I’m done.” She continues, “Tom thought he was doing the right thing by this letter, but I don’t need to hear it. It’s a little too late for that, and I think he just always wants the last word or say but I’m not going to give him that.” She asks her sister Stacey to rip up Tom’s letter. Once she rips it up, Stacey throws it away, too. Stand your ground, Darcey!

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