A Positive Ad Campaign, if Only for a Weekend

A Positive Ad Campaign, if Only for a Weekend

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With the vice-presidential debate coming up tomorrow night, the Biden campaign has begun airing ads that exclusively feature Senator Kamala Harris, almost as if Joe Biden’s running mate were at the top of the ticket.

The message: Ms. Harris is the first woman of color to appear on a major presidential ticket, and the ad seeks to drive home that fact.

In an empty auditorium, a young Black girl steps into the spotlight and approaches a microphone. Audio of a news broadcast announcing Ms. Harris’s selection by Mr. Biden starts to play, and the ad cuts to the girl at home watching the news. She sits up, looks at the camera and says, “Wow.”

The ad cuts back to her onstage as she leans into the microphone and announces, “Our time is now” while applause swells.

An overlay fills the screen, with the message “On November 3rd, VOTE for her” — referring to both Ms. Harris and the girl.

The takeaway: Mr. Biden’s chances rest in part on his support among Black voters. Putting Ms. Harris front and center in this ad and highlighting her barrier-breaking selection are part of the Democrats’ attempts to continue to build inroads. And the ad follows a message set by both Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris when she was selected: the importance for the next generation of young Black women to see someone who looks like them on the ticket for the White House.

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