AEW villain MJF flips off 7-year-old fan: ‘F–k them kids’

AEW villain MJF flips off 7-year-old fan: ‘F–k them kids’

You get what you bargain for with MJF.

The All Elite Wrestling heel named Maxwell Jacob Friedman lived up to his reputation by flipping off a seven-year-old fan at a Chicago meet-and-greet event last weekend.

Tom Gilmartin brought his son to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, and when the child stepped up to meet the notoriously unfriendly Plainview, N.Y. native, he received a middle finger in his face.

“I tried to laugh it off knowing he’s just in character,” Gilmartin said via TMZ, “but it really upset him. I know that’s his gimmick but he’s only 7 & doesn’t understand.”

AEW Vice President Cody Rhodes invited the family to a future event, but offered a warning surrounding the rising 23-year-old star:

“This was a paid meet/greet where you specifically chose the individual,” Rhodes tweeted. “We would never send MJF on a free publicity activation for this very reason, he’s immature and doesn’t represent the brand.”

MJF hasn’t apologized.

“F–k them kids,” he told TMZ, and then responded to the story on Twitter with “Cry about it.”

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