‘Altered Carbon’s Lela Loren On Danica’s ‘Unspoken Backstory’ & The Theme Of Trust In Season 2

‘Altered Carbon’s Lela Loren On Danica’s ‘Unspoken Backstory’ & The Theme Of Trust In Season 2

Every character on ‘Altered Carbon’ is a force to be reckoned with. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Lela Loren and Torben Liebrecht about Danica’s backstory, Danica and Carrera’s dynamic, and more.

Altered Carbon season 2 is now streaming and features a number of new faces — not just Anthony Mackie. Lela Loren plays Danica Harlan, the daughter of Konrad Harlan, while Torben Liebrecht plays Colonel Carrera, Danica’s right-hand man. HollywoodLife sat down EXCLUSIVELY with Lela and Torben at the Netflix show’s press junket to talk about their characters and the relationship they have with each other. Danica is the governor of Harlan’s world, taking over from her father.

“The unspoken backstory of Danica we decided that she was one of maybe the embryos he brought over and so he raised her entirely in his own image. So she sort of has no mother. She’s completely his daughter,” Lela told HollywoodLife.

Danica and Carrera don’t exactly trust each other but they “agree on trade only,” Torben noted. “They don’t agree on any sort of other principle or system of value.” Lela weighed in on how trust (or lack thereof) influences the characters of Altered Carbon. “I think what’s wonderful about the world is that all these characters are having to rely on each other without trust,” Lela said.

Torben added, “It’s so beautifully crafted just how the real agendas of the characters are revealed over the course of the season.” Lela stressed that trust is a “really prominent theme” that runs through the show in season 2. “You just hit on a theme that sort of underscores all the storylines,” Lela said and Torben added, “You hit the hornet’s nest.”

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