Anthony Fauci: How sports can return amid coronavirus crisis

Anthony Fauci: How sports can return amid coronavirus crisis

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert who’s a part of the White House’s coronavirus task force, thinks sports can return sooner than later.

In a recent Snapchat interview, Fauci said sports could return if played in empty stadiums and with teams strictly quarantined in hotels in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Under such harsh restrictions, athletes wouldn’t be able to be exposed or spread the virus and could resume a season as usual.

“There’s a way of doing that,” Fauci said. “Nobody comes to the stadium. Put them in big hotels, wherever you want to play, keep them very well surveilled and have them tested every week and make sure they don’t wind up infecting each other or their family, and just let them play the season out.”

Currently, the NBA, NHL and MLB are all suspended indefinitely while the NFL just recently elected to hold a virtual draft. The PGA Tour is planning to start back up in June.

Fauci said he was sympathetic to the country’s longing for sports, adding that he’s a fan himself.

“People say, ‘Well, you know, you can’t play without spectators.’ Well, I think you’ll probably get enough buy-in from people who are dying to see a baseball game, particularly me,” Fauci said. “Living in Washington, we have the world champion Washington Nationals. I want to see them play again.”

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