Push through the path and kick out the demons! 

By A Sep 12, 2023
Push through the path and kick out the demonsPush through the path and kick out the demons

Steam releases many new titles every day. There may be many people who want to check out new releases that are attracting a lot of attention, but can’t keep up with the flow of releases.

Therefore, the Game*Spark editorial department narrowed down the criteria to “within 3 days of early access or official release” and “over 100 reviews (both positive and negative)”, and selected candidates regardless of genre. Introducing all eligible works! Check out this article to see what titles are currently attracting attention on Steam.

A free-to-play TPS where you can compete online in various modes. Based on the title that was once popularly known as “Toy Wars,” it has been revived with the slogan “No P2W.” The controls are simple, but you’ll need to understand and use a variety of weapon styles, including melee weapons, rifles, shotguns, snipers, gatling guns, bazookas, and grenade launchers, depending on the situation.

The biggest feature is that you can choose from nine types of figures and dress them up in various costumes.

Title: MICROVOLTS: Recharged
Compatible devices: PC (Steam)
Release date: September 9, 2023
Price: Free
Japanese: None (*Voice only supported)

Conquistadorio: Prologue
Become a once famous conqueror and explore the cave. A point-and-click adventure to explore. This is a free prologue version that allows you to experience the story of “Conquistadario” scheduled to be released in October. Players take control of a conqueror who has become a hermit and go on an adventure solving numerous puzzles and mysteries.

One of the characteristics of the game is that it does not use language, and the story is told through the facial expressions of the characters and the surrounding environment.

Title: Conquistadorio: Prologue
Compatible devices: PC (Steam)
Release date: September 9, 2023
Price: Free
Japanese: Available

Bounty of One (Graduated from early access)
A rogue-lite shooting game similar to “Vansaba” where you can enjoy high-tempo battles. Multiplayer for up to four players is supported using Steam’s RemotePlay Together feature, where players gather resources, upgrade skills, and fight to survive against hordes of enemies.

In the update for the official release, new enemies and items were added, as well as support for multiple languages ​​such as Japanese and Korean.

Title: Bounty of One
Compatible devices: PC (Steam)
Release date: September 9, 2023
Price: 797 yen
Japanese: Yes

Fae Farm
An RPG set on the magical island of Azoria. In addition to managing the farm, you can also enjoy various elements such as caring for animals, cooking, making potions, customizing your home, interacting with residents, and marrying.You can also go on adventures and fight with skills and spells. can. The story elements are independent of the in-game date and time, and you can proceed at your own pace.

It also supports online multiplayer, allowing up to four people to cooperate on farming and adventures.

Title: Fae Farm
Compatible devices: PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) *Nintendo Switch version will also be available
Release date: September 9, 2023
Price: 4,378 yen
Japanese: Yes

The RPG Engine (graduated from early access)
Your own “TRPG world” A free tool software that allows you to create. In addition to being able to create 3D model maps with intuitive operations, it is fully equipped with the settings necessary to play TRPGs such as dice, chat, and character settings. It also supports Steam Workshop, and user-created maps can also be used.

In addition to fixing many bugs, the update for the official release also includes improvements to the UI on the edit screen.

Title: The RPG Engine
Compatible models: PC (Steam)
Release date: September 8, 2023
Price: Free
Japanese: Yes

An FPS set in a near-future world that has come to an end due to the excessive development of technology. Players take on the role of “Runner” and fight against enemies created from technology called “Nano” in a blockaded area called “Meridian.”

By synchronizing enemy nanos with yourself and turning them into weapons, and by synchronizing nanos of different classes, you can create a variety of strategies by combining them with the runner’s loadouts and skills. You can also play cooperatively with a team, and you will need to choose the best build to contribute to your team.

Compatible devices
: PC (Steam,
Epic Games Store ) *PS5/ Xbox Series action adventure. The game is set in a future where humanity is threatened by mysterious invaders called the Hollows, and players take on the role of heretics on an adventure in a spaceship. Spaceship adventures include piloting the ship, deploying turrets, making emergency repairs, charging power cells, utilizing the space station’s arsenal, assembling munitions, and performing extravehicular activities to repair the ship and collect waste. , many missions await you. It is important for players to consider the urgency and priority of the mission and take actions according to the situation. Title: Void Crew Compatible devices: PC (Steam) Release date: September 8, 2023 Price: 2,800 yen (on sale for 2,240 yen until September 19th) Japanese: None Warstride Challenges (Early Access Graduation) First-person perspective A high-speed action shooting game. Supports single player and online PvP. Players use slow time to take headshots, and use powerful weapons and shockwaves to annihilate demons. In the increasingly intense battle, revive and retry many times to aim for the best score.

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