Why turn to the vélotaf to mix sport and pleasure on a daily basis?

By A Jul 1, 2023
Why turn to the vélotaf to mix sport and pleasure on a daily basis?Why turn to the vélotaf to mix sport and pleasure on a daily basis?

The benefits of cycling in the city

When you put a bike and a car on the same scale, you quickly realize that the bike is cheaper than the car. A commuter user, through experience, finds that between using a car or a bike to get to work, choosing a bike could cost 10 times less.


With the bike you don’t need gas. Fuel costs can be used for something else. The maintenance costs of the bicycle, the cost of its insurance and the renewal of its parts are not as expensive compared to a car. As for the car, the cost of the license already discourages some people. 

But it is not a question of having the license and being satisfied with it, it will be necessary to do exercises for a perfect control of the conduct. But before arriving at this stage, it is necessary to master all the Highway Code. But with a bike, you don’t need all that. Even if the mastery of the code will be necessary, it does not seem so complex to you.

Sometimes, when just one of the parts of the car breaks down, the owner is forced to park his car. Especially, if the part in question is not available on the market. In addition, the part may well be available and financially not accessible. Which is not likely to happen in the case of a bicycle because you will have all the parts and at a lower cost in addition.

Easier to park

Another plus is bike parking. It does not take up enough space unlike a car. Parking a bicycle does not cost as much as parking a vehicle. And it’s not as hard to find as car parking. There will always be a small place somewhere where you can park your bike: garages,  bike racks , shelters are often arranged and accessible in urban areas. Certain categories of bicycles can be transported to your place of work since they are not bulky and also weigh considerably less. 

Possibility of receiving compensation

Many may not know this, but when as an employee you own a bicycle, you can be compensated according to the number of kilometers you cover each year. This compensation can go up to 500 euros each year. And it’s not just the bikes that it takes into account. Apart from electric and mechanical bicycles, the allowance concerns public transport, scooters and scooters…

Fight for a greener world

To practice the vélotaf is to contribute to the preservation of nature. In the midst of globalization marked by the accelerated degradation of nature, you can express your support for those who fight for a greener planet by going green. This means that you will have to put away your motorized means of transport and use only the bicycle.

Environmental studies carried out during the first confinement gave us a small glimpse of what France would be like without means of transport consuming diesel. Vehicles therefore have a negative impact on nature and on the inhabitants. The air we breathe would be of superior quality if it were not so polluted. The bicycle could be the solution to solve part of this problem related to the environment, thus ensuring a longer life for us.

Take care of your health

Velotaf is a great way to maintain your body. By practicing velotaf, you are unknowingly implementing WHO recommendations. Indeed, this organization recommends doing a sports activity at least five times a week for a period of five minutes.

sLe vélotaf can therefore help you maintain your body and eliminate the bad cholesterol it contains. Overweight people would see their weight reduced with the practice of cycling.

Studies have even proven that velotaf would have an impact on your life expectancy. It would increase your chances of living longer. In addition to sparing you an early death, it keeps certain serious illnesses away from you. We want to name here cardiovascular diseases, cancers, coronary diseases as well as type 2 diabetes.

The Vélotaf acts on your sleep. When you do it during the day, at night you are sure to get a restful sleep. Your blood circulates better and you become more flexible. You are less stressed and less depressed.

Fewer accidents

In terms of accidents, we realize that the number of accidents caused by bicycles is much lower than that recorded for car accidents. In addition, accidents caused by bicycles are less serious. The only small danger while riding a bike is bumping your head. But, it can be ruled out with the wearing of a bicycle helmet.

Make discoveries

By bike, you have the opportunity to discover places you never knew before. Since you’re the one pedaling, you can stop whenever you want. Some places would have marked you when you were in a car or on a bus. On your bike, this will be the perfect time to discover them.

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