Ayesha & Steph Curry’s Daughter Riley, 7, Films Parents Slow Dancing: ‘Crazy In Love’ — Watch

Ayesha & Steph Curry’s Daughter Riley, 7, Films Parents Slow Dancing: ‘Crazy In Love’ — Watch

Riley Curry was ‘7 going on 17 with her wit,’ as she captured and commented on her parents, Steph and Ayesha Curry, slow dancing in a brand new Instagram video Ayesha shared with her followers!

This couple knows how to keep the love alive, but might need to keep their kids away from their electronics. In a Feb. 28 video captured by their seven-year-old daughter, Riley, Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, got their groove on by dancing to some old music in the middle of their living room. Riley sneakily captured the intimate moment and even proceeded to interject her own commentary! “So cute,” Riley said. “In love! So crazy in love,” the precocious seven-year-old went on. All the while, Steph and Ayesha slow danced away. At one point, the Golden State Warriors player even dipped his wife! Whether it was intended to be captured or not, the moment was definitely well worth sharing with their fans.

“Riley’s commentary 😂,” Ayesha began the caption to the post. “Going to have to change my phone passwords. 7 going on 17 with her wit. I hope we dance like this forever @stephencurry30 unless it’s a bubble ting then we will do that. 😏😘” Naturally, Ayesha’s followers swarmed her comments section loving Riley’s hilarious commentary and telling Ayesha and Steph that “This kinda love is the best kinda love!”

But as their devoted fans know, there is most certainly a lot of love to go around in this family. And Steph and Ayesha regularly show off the affectionate, candid moments they share between each other and their children as often as they can. For instance, on Feb. 27, Ayesha shared a different kind of moment with young Riley, with the pair making a slew of funny faces at the camera at a selfie angle! “My big girl,” she captioned the photos.

But even Steph gets in on the family fun, too! On Feb. 21, Ayesha captured her man taking their three kids — including four-year-old daughter Ryan and one-year-old son Canon — for a ride. The trio of youngsters sat on a trolley as their doting dad pushed them along. The thrill was written all over Canon’s sweet face, as he beamed at the camera. “THE BEST!!! My hearrrrrrt,” Ayesha captioned the snap. This family is just so full of love, and while fans know they make it work every single day, the sweetest moments are always the best ones they share!

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