Barack Obama Fans Freak Over Him Being Called ‘Former Chicago Resident’ In Michael Jordan Doc

Barack Obama Fans Freak Over Him Being Called ‘Former Chicago Resident’ In Michael Jordan Doc

Barack Obama made a brief appearance in ‘The Last Dance’ and fans were confused about the former U.S. President being simply credited as ‘Former Chicago Resident’!

Barack Obama, 58, is a man of many titles and accomplishments — including, of course, serving as the 44th President of the United States. The Harvard Law School graduate made a brief appearance in the premiere episodes of the Michael Jordan documentary series The Last Dance and viewers were surprised to see him simply credited as “Former Chicago Resident”! While Obama did call the Windy City home for many years — including up until he became President — the moment set the Twittersphere on fire!

“I’d like an oral history about who and how they decided to give Obama the ‘former Chicago resident’ label,” @PaoloUggetti hilariously tweeted. “My new goal in life is to meet the person who decided Barack Obama would be ‘Former Chicago Resident’,” @meppers_ quipped, while @Adam_J_Tweets posted “‘Former Chicago Resident’ is easily the funniest chyron in existence for Barack Obama.” He can say that again! “They did not just label MY PRESIDENT as ‘former Chicago resident’,” @LaCienegaB added.

Oddly, the documentary also avoided referencing Bill Clinton, 73, by his presidential title as well. Bill was instead referred to as “Former Arkansas Governor” in his lower third, a position he held from 1979–1981, and again from 1983–1992 prior to assuming the Oval Office. “Why Bill Clinton get to be ‘former Arkansas governor’ but Obama was a former Chicago resident’???” @renealise tweeted.

In the film, Barack opened up about how Michael changed basketball in the city of Chicago forever. “When Michael first came to town, I didn’t have the money to buy tickets for a Bulls game,” he said, referencing Michael’s inaugural 1984 season. “Even the discount ones back in the day. I was pretty broke. But suddenly you have a sports figure that puts Chicago on the map and that everybody is able to rally around,” he continued. Michael went on to become a basketball legend, playing on the Chicago Bulls for the majority of his NBA career.

ESPN premiered the first two episodes of the Michael Jordan docuseries The Last Dance on Sunday, April 19, which follows his milestone final season with the Chicago Bulls that saw him win his final NBA Championship. The series will feature interviews from various insiders, including Michael’s former coaches, teammates and others who had a connection to his last year on the team. ESPN will continue airing two new episodes every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET until May 17. Be sure to check back at HollywoodLife for weekly recaps!

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