‘Barkskins’ Sneak Peek: Mari Presses Rene For Answers About Trepagny — Watch

‘Barkskins’ Sneak Peek: Mari Presses Rene For Answers About Trepagny — Watch

Mari wants to know what Trepagny is up to and goes to Rene for answers in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of ‘Barkskins.’ However, Rene isn’t budging.

“Did he tell you what his business town is for?” Mari asks Rene in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 1 episode of Barkskins. Rene is hard at work — shirtless, might we add — for Trepagny. “It is for that woman. He told you this, I know,” Mari says. Rene tells Mari that all Trepagny told him was to clear this plot so he may build his table.

Mari is not buying what Rene is saying. He just keeps on chopping his wood for Trepagny. “He’s mad,” Mari adds. Rene just really wants to get back to work. “You will bring unnatural things to settle here,” Mari continues. “I’ve seen what he does to men like you. You will die in this forest, Mr. Sel.”

Rene says he has given his word to serve Trepagny and will do so “honorably.” Rene and Mari stare down each other. Let’s get real, the chemistry is simmering between these two. Neither one of them is going to back down. “And what of me?” Mari asks. He replies, “Please, Mari. Let me finish my work in peace.”

Mari is a French and Wendat Nation woman who lives with Trepagny and suspects he’s planning a French Filles du Roi. Rene is one of Trepagny’s new indentured servants. He wants to work the land and start a family in New France.

The synopsis for the June 1 episodes read: “Mathilde recovers from her attack and restores the Inn to order and gets back to business. Trepagny joins the eligible men of Wobik as they are formally introduced to the Filles du Roi during a night of merriment and matchmaking. Sel gets to work on Trepagny’s plans and Duquet attempts to prove his worth to a new master. Meanwhile, the Iroquois people travel to Wobik to collect their dead. Trepagny leads Melissande back to the Doma while Delphine embarks on her new life with Pierre Gasquet. Goames and Yvon travel to Quebec to seek answers from Captain Wale of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Mathilde receives an unsavory proposition while Sel encounters the other inhabitants of the forests of New France.” Episodes 3 and 4 of Barkskins will air on June 1 on National Geographic at 9 p.m.

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