Before-and-after photos from space show how much Rio has transformed

WhoCares: One thing I trust more then the media or Hillary Rotten Clinton, a tuna fish sandwich left on a city bus. She’s a lying, murdering, thieving, pig, her supporters aren’t much better, that’s the good news. Why do you think her name is Hil-lie-ary? Why isn’t she indicted? She should be in front of a grand jury. She is very evil and dishonest the POS and she is unqualified to be president, and should already be serving time in a Federal prison. She is a flipping hypocrite! Hillary is typical of politicians who will lie and tell you anything you want to hear just to get elected and then go on with their own personal agenda! She is the real wicked witch of Washington. She is use to stalling and delaying and obstructing for years, she will never change. It’s clear she’s in the early stages of dementia. If she gets in office, Hillary Rotten Clinton will stand up for the Clintons of the country and world. It’s all money and power. She’s just another money hungry, self server, looking to buy, that’s right, buy the presidency. You don’t have any integrity, honor, or tell the truth, and you disparage other women that have affairs with your husband. You should not have put every Americans life in danger by using an unsecured, unauthorized server for the purpose of gaining millions from dignitaries for your boondoggle charity, She is unqualified, mitigated disaster. What a despicable human being. Do people really listen to this leather faced crackled bull dyke hag she is a master double talker. People don’t get distracted by left wing propaganda, that’s just smoke and mirrors. She and her husband are pathological liars and sociopaths. This little act is right out of the old Clinton political playbook. Lie, then blame and attack the people telling the truth. Wait it out until people forget and it goes away. You can always tell when someone is lying by watching their eyes. Crooked Hillary will NEVER look directly at the people, she is always looking up and down and around. A sure sign that she is lying. She is Political pandering at the highest degree. Don’t be sucked in by the left wing kool-aid drinkers who spew utter nonsense, like Gay Rights which are nothing more then Mentally Disturbed Individuals. Hillary Rotten Clinton you lie, then lie again, & then lie some more… you lie so persistently you no longer have a real grasp on reality which is a mental disorder. The woman wouldn’t know the truth if it punched her in the mouth. This woman always smirking and then always refusing to answer simple questions, by asking a question as the answer. She does not want to be president to serve her country she wants to serve her bank account. I always look for the part of the Clinton schitck where they do the “pointing and grinning” act like that particular person is someone they have known for ages. It is an old act of theirs Bill perfected back in the 80s. She can make all the talking points she wants but at the end of the day she has done ZERO, no one can think of one thing she has done, unless it was breaking the Law. The left are truly so stupid they will vote for her even knowing she would throw them under the bus with out blinking an eye. Hillary Rotten Clinton is a “pathological liar,” “dishonest,” very “untrustworthy,” “fake,” totally “deceitful,” “sneaky,” and “tricky.” Liar liar pant suit on fire. HILLARY ROTTEN CLINTON FOR PRISON 2016! Handcuffs for Hillary! I absolutely loathe Hillary Clinton. CROOKED HITLERY belongs in a jail cell. Her day is coming and she will go directly to hell.

Source:: Yahoo Science


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