Bonnie Chapman Reveals Mom Beth’s Last Moment Of Consciousness: ‘She Choked On Her Cancer’

Bonnie Chapman Reveals Mom Beth’s Last Moment Of Consciousness: ‘She Choked On Her Cancer’

In a raw interview, Bonnie Chapman detailed the last time her mother, Beth, was ‘completely conscious’ before passing away from a battle with throat cancer. Bonnie admitted that Dog The Bounty Hunter ‘goes over and over’ this moment in his head.

It’s a moment that Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, 66, can’t forget, and neither can his daughter Bonnie Chapman, 20. The college student revealed the last moment their “head of the family,” respective mother and wife Beth Chapman, was truly conscious before dying from throat cancer on June 26. “My dad goes over and over and over what happened, because he can’t get it out of his head,” Bonnie said of the memory in an interview with SurvivorNet, published on Aug. 21. Beth and Dog’s daughter went on to describe what exactly happened during that instance in the hospital at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, where Beth spent her final days.

“She quite literally choked on her cancer,” Bonnie admitted. “My mom was naked in the bathroom and told my dad to look at her. And he goes, ‘I am looking at you.’ And she goes, ‘No, look at me.’ And then she was standing there and she started gasping, and my sister came into the room and they called 911 immediately.” Although Beth would go on to say more “last words” with her family members, that was the “last moment” that Bonnie “really saw her [mom] completely conscious.” Beth was put into a medically-induced coma just days before her death.

Bonnie previously discussed her mom and dad’s loving relationship in an Instagram Q&A in July. After a fan asked if Dog would consider remarrying after losing his wife of 13 years, Bonnie responded, “Nope, he found his soulmate. No one can replace her in his heart. Their love was one of a kind, it made me believe love truly exists.”

Beth’s life was celebrated at her memorial service in Hawaii on June 29, and that was followed by a second one in the TLC star’s home state of Colorado on July 13. Family, friends and fans will also be able to see new memories that Dog shared with Beth after their new show Dog’s Most Wanted premieres on Sept. 3.

“Dog is looking forward to relive some great moments and memories of Beth when the new show comes out,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He actually can’t wait to see what fans and friends of Beth think about the show. The show as time goes by will always represent what Beth would want and she will be a part of every episode in one way or another. She will be on Dog’s mind constantly and he will always refer to what she would want as the show continues.”

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