British doctor documents ‘terrible’ coronavirus test experience

British doctor documents ‘terrible’ coronavirus test experience

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A British doctor recorded himself gagging and wincing in pain during a drive-through coronavirus test this week.

“That’s terrible, don’t get COVID,” Dr. Rufus Cartwright, who works at a National Health Service hospital, says coughing with teary eyes after one painful swab deep in his nose.

“Now, come on,” the PPE-clad health care worker administering the test said through the car’s passenger window in Oxford.

“Ah, it’s so sore,” he winces during another swab.

It takes the administrator several tries to get the swab.

“I’m a doctor but I was really surprised how painful this was,” Cartwright said later, according to LiveLeaks.

Coronavirus test administrators must swab secretions from the back of the nose and throat for an accurate sample.


“Once you place it in the back of the throat, it’s uncomfortable, but you can still breathe and talk,” Scott Wesley Long, a clinical microbiologist at Houston Methodist Hospital tells Scientific American.

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