Broncos’ Von Miller was ‘shocked’ by coronavirus diagnosis

Broncos’ Von Miller was ‘shocked’ by coronavirus diagnosis

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller took his COVID-19 diagnosis — the second known case in the NFL — extremely seriously “since day one.”

Opening up about his battle with the coronavirus on “The 3rd Hour of Today” Friday, Miller detailed his initial symptoms and everything that led up to his positive test results.

“I was shocked,” Miller said. “We’ve been taking this serious since day one…It all started with just a simple cough and it got worse. I also have asthma. My girlfriend, she was telling me that I wasn’t sounding normal and I should try my nebulizer so I did…I had waited another day — the cough still didn’t go away…[I] got tested two days later, my doctor called me and said I had a positive result for COVID-19.”

Miller, who was the MVP of Super Bowl 50, stayed at his home in San Francisco, where he was training when he initially got sick. When the city implemented its stay-at-home order, he and his girlfriend decided to travel back to Denver.

“I’ve been here in Denver for about four weeks now,” he said. “Within that four weeks, I probably left the house four times. With all of those four times, I never got out of the car — just drive to pick up food and come back home.”

When asked about the possibility of playing the 2020 NFL season in empty stadiums, Miller didn’t think anybody should make any definitive decisions just yet.

“We shouldn’t move too fast, just do whatever is safe…Whatever is safe that would always be our first precaution, to do whatever is safe whatever we have to do to get things back to normal, that’s what we should do,” he said.

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