Cardi B Rocks A Pink Wig For Wild Quarantine Hair Makeover — Video

Cardi B Rocks A Pink Wig For Wild Quarantine Hair Makeover — Video

Cardi B rocked a pink wig while stuck inside during quarantine & we’re actually loving her funky hair makeover!

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Cardi B, 27, is not afraid to take risks and that’s exactly what the rapper did when she rocked a pink wig during quarantine. With everyone stuck inside due to the coronavirus pandemic, cabin fever is real, and many celebrities are dealing with it by debuting hair makeovers. Cardi was the latest celeb to show off a new hairdo when she took to Instagram on April 26 rocking a pastel pink wig. Her hair featured blunt front bangs that covered her forehead, with two long pieces framing the sides of her face. The top of her head featured a massive bow, while the rest of her long pink hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

We got some serious Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj vibes from Cardi’s hairstyle and she actually managed to pull off the look. She accessorized with a pair of massive heart-shaped diamond earrings and a lowcut white tank top. Meanwhile, in try Cardi fashion, her super long nails were painted a pale pink to match her hair.

Cardi is just one of the many celebs to switch up their hairstyles during quarantine. Hilary Duff, 32, completely shocked us when she debuted bright blue hair on April 12. The actress completely ditched her blonde hair for a robin’s egg blue hue. Her new hair was a dark blue shade with turquoise and royal blue highlights. Before going fully blue, she dyed her locks a dark brown, with her roots kept brown while the middle of her hair to the ends were dyed blue.

cardi b
Cardi B ditched her black her when she debuted a pastel pink wig with front bangs & a long bow ponytail on Instagram on April 26. (Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock)

Aside from Cardi and Hilary, Elle Fanning, 21, ditched her blonde hair when she dyed it a hot pink on March 25, showing off her new at-home hair dye on Instagram. Elle took to her Instagram stories to show off her newly box-dyed hair which was wet and down in natural waves. She didn’t post any caption with the photo, letting her new hairdo speak for itself.

There have been so many gorgeous celebrity hair makeovers and you can click through the gallery above to see all of the before and after pics!

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