Celtics’ Marcus Smart has the coronavirus: ‘We can beat this’

Celtics’ Marcus Smart has the coronavirus: ‘We can beat this’

Celtics guard Marcus Smart is the latest NBA player to confirm he’s tested positive for the coronavirus.

Smart posted a video to social media minutes after the Celtics announced Thursday that a player had tested positive for COVID-19. He wrote in the post that he was tested five days ago and he has been self-quarantined since the test.

“I’m OK. I feel fine, I don’t feel any of the symptoms,” Smart, bundled in a hoodie and winter hat, said in the video. “But I can’t stress enough practicing social distancing and really keep yourself away from a large group of people and just really washing your hands and help protect yourself and help protect others by protecting yourself.”

Smart is the 10th NBA player, including the Nets’ Kevin Durant, to test positive for the virus and it could be more as the 76ers and Nuggets confirmed that members of their organization have COVID-19 without specifying if that includes players. The Lakers announced Thursday that two of their players have the virus.

United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams on “Good Morning America” Thursday asked athletes and other celebrities to use social media to help others understand the severity of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The younger generation in our country MUST self distance,” Smart wrote on Twitter. “This is not a joke. Not doing so is selfish. Together we can beat this, but we must beat it together by being apart for a short while. Much love!!”

The Celtics said in a statement that the team is awaiting further testing and that testing was initiated because of “exposure to a known positive case.”

The Celtics played the Jazz on March 6 and the Nets on March 3. Both of teams have players who tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Taking steps to maintain the health and safety or everyone in our organization and across the NBA remains our top priority and will continue to work closely with health officials and the league in addressing this situation.”

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