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Soy, oat and almond milks may be hard to find in grocery stores these days.

Our Climate reporter Hiroko Tabuchi offers a foolproof way to make your own. Here’s a condensed excerpt from the latest Climate Fwd: newsletter.

First, soak a cup of soybeans, almonds or oats in plenty of water overnight. Soy, especially, will grow two or three times in volume, so make sure you do this in a big bowl.

In the morning, use a colander to drain the water, and rinse the soy, almonds or oats. This is especially important if you’re using oats to prevent the milk from getting slimy and glutinous.

Then put your soy, almond or oats in a blender together with three cups of water and blend for about two minutes. Thorough blending will maximize how much milk you can squeeze out.


Credit…Hiroko Tabuchi/The New York Times

Next, pour out the mixture into a clean cheesecloth — a dedicated “nut milk bag” makes this part really easy and prevents any spills — and squeeze out the milk. And I mean squeeze and squeeze, until you get the last drops out.

Then, if you’re using soy or almonds, gently heat the milk, but stop before it reaches a boil. That’s common practice in Japan, because people there tend not to eat raw nuts. But I wouldn’t heat the oat milk, which can easily get slimy.

You can add a little sugar or maple syrup to any of the milks, to taste. It should keep in the fridge, covered, for about five days.

That’s it for this briefing. We should be enjoying the Cannes Film Festival this week; instead, you can stream a French movie. See you next time.

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