Danbury, Conn. sewage plant officially named John Oliver’s ‘poop factory’

Danbury, Conn. sewage plant officially named John Oliver’s ‘poop factory’

Most people would be proud of their name on historic monuments or successful businesses — but John Oliver isn’t most people. He wants the real s–t.

In an ongoing “feud” with the town of Danbury, Conn. — a town which the “Last Week Tonight” host has described as a “sad, empty void where hope goes to die” — Oliver challenged their local leaders to prove just how seriously they’re taking his insults during Sunday’s episode of his show.

And where’s perhaps the most humiliating place to see your name memorialized, according to the British comedian? A sewage treatment plant.

“Congratulations, Mr. Oliver — you now have a poop plant named after you,” said Mayor Mark Boughton on Thursday, after the Danbury council approved an 18-1 resolution, with one abstention.

Along with the new honorific, Oliver also pledged to give $55,000 to Connecticut charities. Piggy-backing on his contributions, local banks have also just launched a community fundraiser for the United Way’s Danbury Food Collaborative, where 100 percent of proceeds will go to benefit struggling families during the pandemic, according to the News-Times. They reportedly expect to bring in around $100,000.

As a bonus, patrons who give $500 or more will be invited on a guided tour of the new space.

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