Dr. Phil Claims COVID-19 Shutdowns Are Worse Than The Disease & People Are Furious 

Dr. Phil Claims COVID-19 Shutdowns Are Worse Than The Disease & People Are Furious 

After Dr. Phil majorly downplayed coronavirus during a Fox News interview on April 16, the Internet blew up with people shutting him down for his claims.

Dr. Phil McGraw has everybody talking after his Fox News interview about the coronavirus on April 16. During the interview, Phil, who is a psychologist, not a medical doctor, wondered why the country is taking the coronavirus more seriously than car accidents and drowning. He also claimed that all of the shutdowns from the coronavirus are worse than the actual disease itself. “There’s a point in which people start having enough problems in lockdown that it will actually create more destruction and more death across time than the actual virus itself,” Dr. Phil claimed. “The poverty line is getting such that more people are going to fall below that because the economy is crashing around us.”

However, it was when he compared dying from the coronavirus to other major causes of death in the United States that people really got frustrated. “The fact of the matter is — 450,000 people a year die from automobile accidents, 480,000 from cigarettes, 360,000 a year from swimming pools [Editor’s Note: It is not confirmed that these numbers are accurate],” he claimed. “But we don’t shut the country down for that. But we’re doing it for this? The fallout is going to last for years because people’s lives are going to be destroyed.”

Of course, people began immediately pointing out on Twitter that car accidents and swimming pool incidents are not the same as coronavirus….because they’re not contagious. “Someone needs to explain to Dr. Phil that a deadly disease is different to automobile deaths, cigarette-related deaths and swimming pool deaths,” someone wrote, while another person sarcastically added, “Yeah I remember that one time I caught the cigarette flu from another person. Dr. Phil, it’s a good thing your level of stupidity isn’t contagious.”

Several other people also made sure to point out that Dr. Phil is not a medical doctor — rather, he is a clinical psychologist, who is not even currently licensed to practice in any state. “Since he has no medical expertise, feel free to give this zero credence,” one person tweeted. Watch the video of Dr. Phil’s claims above.

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