Dr. Scott Atlas fires back at Birx over ‘bizarre’ claim he gave Trump ‘parallel data streams’ on COVID

Dr. Scott Atlas fires back at Birx over ‘bizarre’ claim he gave Trump ‘parallel data streams’ on COVID

Former White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas joined “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday to respond to former White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx’s claim that he provided former President Trump with “parallel data streams” about the pandemic. 

Birx told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that Trump was “presenting graphs that I never made … I know what I sent up and I know that what was in his hands was different from that.”

DR. SCOTT ATLAS: I’m shocked to hear anyone that thinks that they own a monopoly or should be the sole purveyor of information to the president.


Here you have somebody who’s a government bureaucrat for 30 years, who’s pontificating in front of 10 to 30 people in meetings multiple times a week, none of whom know a thing about medicine or science, for eight months.


And then I come in in August and I say, “Well, what about this? What about these papers? What about this data?” And then we have input from people, the best epidemiologists in the world from Stanford and Harvard, all over the country trying to help, which is appropriate for a crisis like this. But this is really just a bizarre, incredibly insecure, strange point that she’s making.

The second point I want to make is that it is a sick, vicious lie for anyone to say or imply that I ever gave the president of the United States false information, misleading information, some kind of strange information that was concocted out of nowhere.


Every single thing I ever advised was direct CDC, HHS or scientific literature data, period. And that is just a disgusting indication of the kind of people that are in Washington who have friends at places like CNN and Washington Post, and they repeat these lies.

What are they complaining about? The country did exactly what they were advocating … the shutdowns, then the school closures, then the restrictions on groups. Did the mask mandates. If they don’t like the results of those policies, the first thing that these specific people should do is look in the mirror and loudly say they were wrong.

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