Estelle Shines In Her Optimistic ‘True Kinda Love’ Video From ‘Steven Universe: The Movie’

Estelle Shines In Her Optimistic ‘True Kinda Love’ Video From ‘Steven Universe: The Movie’

The first single from the upcoming animated film Steven Universe: The Movie is here. For longtime fans of the show, “True Kinda Love” is right in line with the rest of the songs from the show. The song is written by, as usual, show creator Rebecca Sugar and performed by Estelle who voice acts on the show as the Amazonian Crystal Gem Garnet, who lives with and helps take care of the protagonist, Steven. Estelle and Sugar previously performed the song at San Diego Comic Con during the film’s announcement. The video of that performance is included below.

The soundtrack from the film differs from the show in one distinct way: It’s co-executive produced by Chance The Rapper, who also recently announced a run of tour dates supporting his debut album, The Big Day, which he released at the end of July. Chance has made previous forays into children’s television and movies, performing voice work on the recent Lion King remake and appearing alongside the adorable puppets of Sesame Street. Estelle recently appeared on the Uproxx podcast People’s Party With Talib Kweli to talk about the film and her role as Garnet on the show, as well as fans reactions to the mature themes hiding behind its cutesy animation style.

According to Cartoon Network, the soundtrack for Steven Universe: The Movie will release digitally on September 2, along with a double vinyl. Estelle

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