French Montana Defends Saying He Has More Hits Than Kendrick Lamar & Would Win ‘Neck To Neck’

French Montana Defends Saying He Has More Hits Than Kendrick Lamar & Would Win ‘Neck To Neck’

A new feud may be brewing between French Montana and Kendrick Lamar, as French stands by his claims that he has ‘more hits’ than his fellow rapper in a series of tweets.

During a recent interview with Complex NewsFrench Montana opened up about his success as a rapper. “I could go against anybody,” French claimed. “You could put somebody like Kendrick Lamar next to me on the same stage at a festival, I might outshine him. Not because I’m a better rapper, or whatever it is. It’s just that I got more hits. Kendrick Lamar got albums. He got masterpieces. But if you want to put us on the festival stage, I would outshine him because I have more hits than Kendrick Lamar.”

It wasn’t long before the video went viral, and fans began mocking French on social media for his claims. However, when the rapper caught wind of what the haters were saying, he took to Twitter to defend his comments. “Me vs Kendrick hit for hit!” he wrote. “I believe I can go neck to neck! I been making hits for a long time! It ain’t my fault I believe in myself. How was I supposed to answer that question? How many times I gotta prove myself before I get mine?”

He also made sure to say that his comments meant no disrespect toward Kendrick, but explained that he was standing up for his own work. “I love Kendrick!” he continued. “That’s not just for Kendrick, that’s to anybody they put in front of me, and ask me that same question. What you want me to say? It should be your attitude too. If u think any less of yourself don’t blame it on the next person who don’t.” He concluded the tweet with, “Set it Up,” seemingly hinting that he’d be down to battle Kendrick to prove himself.

Many fans continued to troll French, with one person pointing out that Kendrick’s “main focus isn’t making hits.” French couldn’t have agreed more with that. “My point exactly! He is a different artist,” French responded. “I was just sayin, I’ll win that part. He is gonna win everything else but give me mines lol.”

He also agreed that Kendrick would “sell more tickets” than him. “I was talking about hits, we can go neck to neck,” French wrote. “Not taking nothing away from him, just standing for myself.” Many fans also supported French’s comments, and he made sure to retweet some of those messages, as well. “You and Kendrick [are] GOATs in your own unique ways,” someone wrote, while another added, “Your songs are more club bangers while Kendrick makes music for the deep thinkers and intellectuals.”

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