Giddy Colbert celebrates Trump potentially being ‘taken down by the librarians’

Giddy Colbert celebrates Trump potentially being ‘taken down by the librarians’

, Tuesday, as the host celebrated news of the FBI raid on former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. The outspoken critic of the former president treated the occasion like a holiday.

“It may be hot outside, but in here it’s Christmas,” Colbert said at the opening of his monologue. “Because yesterday, we got the present we wanted: F.B.I. agents raided Mar-a-Lago.”

While the details of the search warrant have not been made public, it has been reported the National Archives and Records Administration was searching for 15 boxes of confidential materials the president allegedly took from the White House.

“That’s right, he’s going to get taken down by the librarians,” said Colbert. “They’re coming for you, baby! They’re organized, they know where everything is and you never know which way they’re comin’ from because they’re so quiet.”

The raid has sparked a lot of anger from several conservative politicians and personalities, most notably Trump himself. The former president took to his social media platform Truth to release a statement. He ended the statement by comparing the legal raid of his home to Watergate.

“What is the difference between this and Watergate, where operatives broke into the Democratic National Committee?” Trump wrote.

Colbert explained that the two incidents were far from alike, saying, “Well, first, Watergate was Dick Nixon breaking the law. This was the law breaking in on a d***. Second, Watergate was an illegal burglary by political mercenaries called “the plumbers.” This was the F.B.I. with a legal warrant, signed by a judge, because of evidence of probable cause.”

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Watch as Lara Trump incorrectly claims that Donald Trump had ‘every authority’ to take documents from White House:

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