Halle Berry Reveals How She Uses Her Son, 6, ‘As Workout Equipment’ While ‘Goofing Around’ At Home

Halle Berry Reveals How She Uses Her Son, 6, ‘As Workout Equipment’ While ‘Goofing Around’ At Home

Halle Berry is getting creative when it comes to substituting gym equipment while working out at home by using her very own son!

Halle Berry is doing her part to help flatten the curve by staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the 53-year-old star, who typically works out with celebrity trainer Peter Lee Thomas four times a week, isn’t letting the quarantine get in the way of a regular fitness routine. The X-Men actress has enlisted the help of her adorable six-year-old son, Maceo as “workout equipment.”

The Academy Award-winning actress opened up in Women’s Health magazine about how she’s getting creative with her at home workouts. “I try to catch 10 minutes here and there with the goal of doing at least 30 total minutes of more formal exercise per day,” she explained. “I piece together a bunch of little bursts of exercise (many of which I can use my full-body resistance loop and booty band for) to meet my 30-minutes-total goal. In the morning, I try to stretch and do a few rounds of abs moves, like sit-ups or planks, since I usually have some quiet time to myself while the kids eat breakfast.”

“Sometimes, while my son is in class online, I’ll use a chair to do 40 or 50 step-ups per leg on the sidelines to get my heart pumping,” she continued. “To increase the challenge, I’ll hold a set of weights in my hands or strap on ankle weights. I even use my son as workout equipment when we’re goofing around. I’ll sit in a chair and he’ll lay across my feet, and I’ll do a few sets of leg extensions.”

Despite her A-list lifestyle, Halle is just like the rest of us and confessed, “Most days, I just try to get moving with my kids because you’d better believe they’re bouncing off the walls. We’ll play around the house or get really into playing air hockey — whatever we can do to be active together in a way that doesn’t feel like an actual workout (because they do not want to work out with me). The hour-long workouts I used to do just are not a thing right now. Like so many other parents, I’m now trying to get my own work done, help my kids with their schoolwork, and keep everyone fed and happy.”

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