‘He Showed Us How to Treat Our Mom,’ George Floyd’s Brother Breaks Down During Testimony.

‘He Showed Us How to Treat Our Mom,’ George Floyd’s Brother Breaks Down During Testimony.

In brief, but tearful testimony, Philonise Floyd spoke in loving terms about his oldest brother, George Floyd, on the 11th day of testimony in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin.

Mr. Floyd, 39, described how the family moved to Houston from North Carolina when he was younger.

The family lived in a low-income development in the Third Ward where Mr. Floyd and his siblings grew up.

“We stayed with each other all the time, me and George,’’ Mr. Floyd said, adding that they enjoyed playing video games as children.

As the big brother, George Floyd took care of his siblings and “was so much of a leader in the household,” his brother said.

“George used to make the best banana mayonnaise sandwiches,” Mr. Floyd said with a smile. He said that George Floyd “couldn’t cook — he couldn’t boil water,” but that he always made sure the siblings had a snack and had their clothes for school.

Philonise Floyd said his brother was also passionate about sports and excelled in football and basketball.

“He always wanted to be the best,” he said.

At one point in the testimony, the prosecutor presented a photo of George Floyd in his No. 5 team jersey, standing with his basketball team when he was a student at South Florida Community College.

“He loved to playing basketball, and he loved teaching people the game of basketball,” Mr. Floyd recalled.

Asked about George Floyd’s relationship with their mother, Mr. Floyd described it as “one of a kind” and added “he was a big momma’s boy.”

Mr. Floyd became teary-eyed when he talked about their close relationship.

“He showed us how to treat our mom, how to respect our mom,’’ he said. “He loved her so dearly.”

He said he and George Floyd texted and called each other often.

“He was my big brother,” he said.

The loss of their mother in May 2018 was very painful for George Floyd, his brother said.

At the funeral, “he was just kissing her, just kissing her, and he didn’t want to leave the casket.”

Mr. Floyd said that was the last time he saw his brother alive.

There was no cross-examination.

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