Heckling fan becomes final straw for one Astros employee

Heckling fan becomes final straw for one Astros employee

Heckling the Astros might just become America’s new favorite Pastime.

Another baseball fan let Houston hear it this week during a spring training game, jokingly asking members of the Astros dugout if they’d “give” back the trophy won during the club’s now-tainted 2017 championship season.

“You going to keep the rings and the MVP, or are you going to give them back,” asked the unidentified male fan, referring to the MVP Jose Altuve won three seasons ago, in a video published Saturday that has since gone viral.

This time, an Astros employee in the dugout responded, “just keep paying to come see us,” while the majority of players and team employees ignored the ballpark trash-talker. (It was unclear whether the lone Astros response came from a player or coach.)

This wasn’t the first time — and it won’t be the last — the Astros were called out, as one of the darkest scandals in sports rages on.

While commissioner Rob Manfred has already said the Astros won’t lose their World Series trophy for illegally stealing signs, fans and players around the league have taken it upon themselves to further punish the Astros by ridiculing them and banging on trash cans around them. MLB confirmed that members of the Astros banged on trash cans near the dugout to help relay opponents’ signs to batters.

At least seven Astros players have been hit by pitches so-far in spring training, and this winter several others around the league projected Houston players might be plunked in retaliation for the cheating scandal.

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