Horse racing newsletter: Good to have Simon Bray back at the track

Horse racing newsletter: Good to have Simon Bray back at the track

Hello, my name is John Cherwa and welcome back to our horse racing newsletter as we give you some insight into the California Horse Racing Board.

Horse racing fans got a big sign that things are starting to return to normal when they tuned to TVG this past week and saw popular analyst Simon Bray on location at Keeneland in Lexington, Ky. It was Bray’s first travel assignment since he covered the Lecomte Stakes at Fair Grounds in mid-January, 2020.

During the pandemic, Bray has not been absent from TVG, just broadcasting from his spare bedroom in Rossmoor, near Seal Beach in Orange County.


“I’ve been locked down for 14 months in my guest room,” Bray said Sunday morning from his hotel in Lexington. “When life is normal, people say I’d love a job where I can work from home, but after about six months you’ve had about enough.”

If it seems as if Bray, 51, has been overly cautious because he has a life-altering reason. In 2015, he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable form of blood cancer. He’s gone through surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and even an autologous stem cell transplant. In that, your own stem cells are used and replanted with intense chemotherapy in the middle of the process.

“It’s like having a forest and then chopping it down and then going back and planting new seedlings,” Bray said.


Bray still takes a form of oral chemotherapy every day, but you wouldn’t know it from the energy and sense of humor he uses while playing the foil to the character Todd Schrupp plays on TVG’s lead broadcasting team. Bray also pointed out that TVG’s accommodations for him have been “phenomenal.”

This last week it may have appeared as if Bray and Schrupp were on different sets but that was not the case. Schrupp, at times, had weather-protecting plastic as a backdrop while Bray seemed to be in the open. But they were on the same set, but different desks, appropriately distanced.

“There is just more chemistry when you are all together, rather than one person at the track, one in Pasadena and one in Orange County,” Bray said.

Bray actually left his home to do live shots from Santa Anita on March 22, but hadn’t traveled until this last week when he was fully vaccinated.


“For me, it was great to walk through an airport although it was weird at first,” Bray said. “My first flight was packed but I had a great sense of security knowing I had been vaccinated. Three months before, there is no way I could have done this. But once I got to Keeneland and saw fans, it was a great feeling.”

Bray says there were no blooper reels from his time working at home.

“But there were a lot of times during Del Mar that I was doing the show from the spare bedroom with my kids sitting three feet away from me on the bed reading a book,” Bray said.

Bray set his schedule Sunday so he could leave Keeneland after seven races and catch a flight, connect in Dallas, and be back at Orange County Airport by 10:30 p.m. (Try flying from L.A. to Lexington non-stop on your schedule. Can’t be done.)


He wanted to take his children, ages 5 and 8, to school on Monday. After more than a year having him around every day, they no doubt missed him.

And, without a doubt, we missed seeing him on-site at the race track. Now things seem closer to normal.

CHRB happenings

This is where we usually present the weekly stewards’ minutes. But, after several weeks of making the deadline, the California Horse Racing Board failed to get the minutes posted in a timely manner. But, knowing how much all of you like to hear about the goings on of the CHRB, we have a different report for you.

But here’s a warning up front, if you aren’t interested in the inner workings of the CHRB, you might want to skip the rest and come back on Friday for Jon White’s Kentucky Derby rankings. This is inside baseball.


As mentioned in the Friday newsletter, for the first time in at least 20 years, the California Senate turned down a Governor’s appointment. In this case it was Wendy Mitchell of the CHRB. The vote was 20-17 against with all nine Republicans voting against her, 17 Democrats voting for her (a number I got wrong in the Friday newsletter) and 11 voting against.

What was odd about it was in September, she, along with Oscar Gonzales, were unanimously approved. Mitchell was filling out a term and had to be reappointed while Gonzales got the whole four years. Think about the recent Georgia election where Jon Ossoff got a full six years and Raphael Warnock has to come back in two because he’s filling a term. Same idea.

Because of the short amount of time since last confirmation, Mitchell was pushed forward from the Rules Committee without appearing in a 5-0 vote. As voting on the Senate floor started, she had a slam dunk confirmation but as time wore on, some of the yeas became nays.

It’s not over yet. She can come up for reconsideration. When will that happen? It’s likely when Mitchell has enough votes to confirm.


All of this tumult gives us a great chance to discuss the growing divide on the Board. This is not some group in lockstep, except on voting for approval of the minutes. The main issues of contention recently have been Los Alamitos and the whip rule. The whip rule and subsequent penalties is on the agenda for the next meeting.

Supreme Court watchers love to rank the Justices from most liberal (Sotomayor) to most conservative (Thomas) and who is ideologically in the middle (currently Kavanaugh). So, we thought we would do the same on the CHRB and rank them from most reform-minded to most status quo. It captures where the Board is at this time.

Reformers (in order from most to least)

Wendy Mitchell (Democrat, if confirmed, term expires July 26, 2024) Despite such a position on this ranking, she really hasn’t been that controversial. She pushes back at organizations that bring incomplete applications to the Board and shows no fear of being a contrarian. But, she does it without drawing a lot of attention to herself. The racing establishment holds it against her that she has little background in the sport.


Oscar Gonzales (vice-chair, Democrat, July 26, 2023). He is the leader of the reform side of the Board and is not afraid to throw out proposals that rankle the industry. He just got reupped or he would be the top target of the racing establishment. He recently took a job in the Biden administration as assistant secretary to Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture. He also worked for Vilsack under President Obama. The only reason he isn’t left of Mitchell is that he will seek compromise for the appearance of Board unity, especially if he sees his views being DOA. Mitchell usually sticks to her guns.

Brenda Davis (Republican, Jan. 1 2024) She’s the most recent appointment and only has a couple meetings under her belt. So, we don’t really know a lot about her. But, she consistently votes with Gonzales and Mitchell. Her questions usually come off as being from someone who is still learning the industry. It’s refreshing and reminds us we don’t know as much as we think we do. She will no doubt start clearing her throat soon.

Man in the middle

Damascus Castellanos. (Democrat, Jan. 1, 2022) He’s much more powerful than he lets on. He was brought to the Board as someone who represents organized labor. Now, is organized labor more enamored with reform or status quo? Which leads to more jobs? We’ll find out as he has been on both sides. If he takes a page from the Joe Manchin playbook, he could be the real power broker. Both sides should be courting him.


Status quo (from least to most)

Dennis Alfieri. (Republican, July 26, 2021) I thought about making him the man in the middle because he will change his vote. However, his most powerful opinions are usually reserved for asking for more time to study an issue. Seems to test the wind before rendering a vote, but will thoughtfully consider both sides. But, in the end he shades toward the status quo.

Dr. Greg Ferraro (chair, no party affiliation, Jan. 1, 2023): He would no doubt take issue with this opinion, not that he reads or cares what this newsletter says. I believe he views himself as a reform-minded chair. He talks tough, asks good questions (including a great exchange with a jockey rep last meeting) but in the end almost always votes with the status quo. He and Gonzales are not exactly Godzilla vs. Kong, and they seem mostly civil, but it’s doubtful they will be invited over to each other’s house for the next non-pandemic Thanksgiving. Ferraro does not do a good job controlling the monthly meeting, allowing off-topic public comment to permeate most agenda items. (For what it’s worth, I’m very much in favor of public comment, but it needs to be on point.) The comment period after the executive director and equine medical director’s report has turned into a free-for-all on almost any topic, both pro and con racing. (Example is in the last meeting there was much discussion about Golden Gate when the track wasn’t even mentioned in either report.)

Alex Solis. (Democrat, Jan. 1, 2022) He has the most predictable opinion on the Board. Things are fine, so why mess with them. As a former jockey, he fiercely defends their rights. He could have completely cooled the Board split and lingering bad feelings over Los Alamitos’ license if he had not missed a meeting late last year. While he is retired as a jockey now, he was on the Board when he was riding, putting him in the position of being a boss over stewards who had the ability to fine or suspend him. The Board cared less about conflicts of interest then.


Those of you who could care less, can now rejoin our regularly scheduled programming.

Santa Anita review

The feature was a 5 ½ furlong allowance/optional claimer for fillies and mares going 5 ½ furlongs. Li’l Grazen, the favorite, ran mid-pack until the middle of the far turn when she made her moved, got even by the start of the stretch and won by 2 ¼ lengths.

Li’l Grazen paid $5.00, $3.20 and $2.80. Homehome was second and Liberalism finished third.

“She does everything right and she’s so professional, she knows what to do,” winning jockey Flavien Prat told Mike Willman of Santa Anita. Peter Miller was the winning trainer.


Big races review

A look at graded stakes or races worth $100,000 on Sunday.

Aqueduct (4): $100,000 Plenty of Grace Stakes, fillies and mares 4 and up, 1 mile on turf. Winner: Regal Glory ($3.40)

A final thought

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And now the star of the show, Sunday’s results. See you Friday with new Kentucky Derby rankings and a Los Alamitos preview.


Santa Anita Charts Results for Sunday, April 11.

Copyright 2021 by Equibase Company. Reproduction prohibited. Santa Anita, Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, California. 49th day of a 81-day meet. Clear & Fast


1 Mile. Purse: $22,000. Maiden Claiming. Fillies and Mares. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $25,000. Time 23.36 47.46 1:13.52 1:27.32 1:41.37

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey $1

3 Nicole Grace 119 3 7 7 7 5–1 1–1 1–1½ Pyfer 3.60
4 Keep It Classy 126 4 1 6–1½ 6–1 6–½ 5–½ 2–hd Valdivia, Jr. 6.40
7 Starship Sky 126 7 6 5–1½ 4–2 3–½ 2–1 3–2¼ Hernandez 1.20
5 Blazinonbayou 126 5 5 2–hd 3–1½ 4–hd 6–2½ 4–4¼ Boulanger 33.00
2 Slewpys Last Song 126 2 3 1–2 1–1 1–hd 4–hd 5–1 Pereira 28.90
1 Dual Reality 119 1 4 4–hd 5–1 7 7 6–ns Centeno 14.10
6 Big Passion 119 6 2 3–2 2–1 2–1 3–½ 7 Ellingwood 2.70

3 NICOLE GRACE 9.20 4.40 2.40
4 KEEP IT CLASSY 6.20 3.00

$1 EXACTA (3-4)  $18.70
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (3-4-7-5)  $33.96
$1 SUPER HIGH FIVE (3-4-7-5-2)  $1,417.00
50-CENT TRIFECTA (3-4-7)  $29.85

Winner–Nicole Grace B.f.4 by Flat Out out of Farayya, by Hard Spun. Bred by Janavar Thoroughbreds, LLC (KY). Trainer: Patrick Gallagher. Owner: Janavar Thoroughbreds LLC. Mutuel Pool $123,343 Exacta Pool $75,070 Superfecta Pool $36,760 Super High Five Pool $36,721 Trifecta Pool $53,764. Scratched–none.

NICOLE GRACE unhurried in the beginning, advanced around the far turn while angled out, struck the front in upper stretch, cleared inner rivals, drifted in through the final furlong and remained clear. KEEP IT CLASSY settled off the pace, angled five wide leaving the far turn, rallied while widest and got up for second. STARSHIP SKY got bumped by inside rival at the start, traveled off the rail in mid-pack, entered the stretch three wide, was floated in by the winner then steadied at the sixteenth pole and lost the place. BLAZINONBAYOU stumbled at the start, stalked in the two path then a bit off the rail into the far turn, lacked room in upper stretch, angled out and kept on through the deep stretch. SLEWPYS LAST SONG bumped leaving the gate, set the pace inside, met the challenge from BIG PASSION on the far turn, narrowly showed the way into the stretch and gave way. DUAL REALITY broke out and bumped foe in the beginning, tracked inside then came out nearing the stretch and never made an impact. BIG PASSION broke out and bumped rival at the start, raced five then three wide around the first turn while. FOLLOWING AN INQUIRY, THE STEWARDS RULED THAT NICOLE GRACE DID DRIFT IN BUT DID NOT TAKE THE PATH OF STARSHIP SKY AND THERE WOULD BE NO CHANGE.


1 Mile. Purse: $22,000. Claiming. 4 year olds and up. Claiming Price $10,000. Time 23.31 47.03 1:12.17 1:25.04 1:38.63

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey $1

1 Leprino 122 1 2 1–1½ 2–2½ 1–1½ 1–4 1–5 Maldonado 4.00
2 Kenzou’s Rhythm 122 2 1 4 4 4 2–1 2–8½ T Baze 1.20
4 Fabozzi 122 3 3 3–1½ 3–1½ 3–1 3–4 3–7¾ Hernandez 1.00
5 Big Bad Gary 122 4 4 2–½ 1–1½ 2–hd 4 4 Boulanger 16.90

1 LEPRINO 10.00 3.60

$2 DAILY DOUBLE (3-1)  $49.40
$1 EXACTA (1-2)  $12.60
50-CENT TRIFECTA (1-2-4)  $6.75

Winner–Leprino B.g.4 by Medaglia d’Oro out of Rose to Gold, by Friends Lake. Bred by WinStar Farm, LLC (KY). Trainer: Reed Saldana. Owner: Reed Saldana. Mutuel Pool $138,536 Daily Double Pool $27,309 Exacta Pool $52,326 Trifecta Pool $32,953. Claimed–Kenzou’s Rhythm by Gardner, Richard, Owens, Darin and Hanson, Ryan. Trainer: Ryan Hanson. Claimed–Fabozzi by Charles Treece. Trainer: Charles Treece. Scratched–Justin’s Quest.

LEPRINO sped clear into the first turn, lost command at the five-eighths, chased the leader past the half-mile pole, re-bid around the second bend, cleared approaching the quarter pole and widened in the final furlong. KENZOU’S RHYTHM traveled along the inside then angled out into the backstretch, went three to four wide around the far turn, showed a mild rally and bested the rest. FABOZZI tracked two wide on the first turn, moved further off the rail on the backstretch then came back to the two path for the far turn and weakened. BIG BAD GARY hopped at the start, chased three wide into the first turn then went up to challenge leaving that bend, put a head in front at the five-eighths, kicked clear approaching the half-mile marker, lost command mid-way through the far turn and tired in the lane.


6 Furlongs. Purse: $51,000. Maiden Claiming. 3 year olds. Claiming Prices $100,000-$80,000. Time 22.19 45.30 57.83 1:10.55

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ Str Fin Jockey $1

2 Barraza 124 2 2 1–1 1–2 1–1½ 1–5½ Cedillo 0.70
5 Doncic 124 5 1 2–1½ 2–3 2–3 2–2½ Prat 3.30
6 Sir Flatter 111 6 4 3–hd 3–1½ 3–4½ 3–1½ Centeno 4.90
3 Roadside 117 3 6 6 6 6 4–2¼ Ellingwood 19.40
1 Cross Indian 124 1 5 5–8 5–8 5–3 5–½ Pereira 11.40
4 Perfecto Amor 124 4 3 4–2½ 4–3 4–2 6 Hernandez 10.90

2 BARRAZA 3.40 2.60 2.10
5 DONCIC 3.60 2.60

$2 DAILY DOUBLE (1-2)  $17.20
$1 EXACTA (2-5)  $5.60
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (2-5-6-3)  $4.70
50-CENT TRIFECTA (2-5-6)  $6.80

Winner–Barraza B.c.3 by Into Mischief out of Halo Dolly, by Popular. Bred by Spendthrift Farm, LLC (KY). Trainer: Bob Baffert. Owner: Spendthrift Farm LLC. Mutuel Pool $231,588 Daily Double Pool $17,629 Exacta Pool $112,697 Superfecta Pool $50,237 Trifecta Pool $81,790. Claimed–Barraza by Wilson, Holly and David. Trainer: Vladimir Cerin. Claimed–Doncic by Hronis Racing LLC. Trainer: John Sadler. Scratched–none.

50-Cent Pick Three (3-1-2) paid $29.30. Pick Three Pool $40,411.

BARRAZA brushed from inside at the start, took control early then moved clear, inched away around the turn, asked in upper stretch and drew off under strong hand urging. DONCIC had early speed outside BARRAZA then chased that rival to the turn, lost ground early on the bend then closed the gap entering the stretch, stayed within striking distance to the furlong pole but proved no match in deep stretch. SIR FLATTER stalked the speed outside a rival, went three wide into the turn, came in and bumped PERFECTO AMOR at the five-sixteenths, angled in leaving the bend and finished evenly. ROADSIDE broke out and bumped PERFECTO AMOR, lagged behind early, saved ground into the stretch and passed tired rivals. CROSS INDIAN broke out and brushed rival at the start, angled out on the backstretch, came three wide into the stretch, drifted out in the lane and was never a factor. PERFECTO AMOR bumped from inside at the start, chased in the two path then moved to the rail on the turn, got bumped and put in tight quarters at the five-sixteenths, switched outside rival into the stretch and weakened.


7 Furlongs. Purse: $31,000. Claiming. Fillies and Mares. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $32,000. Time 21.78 44.49 1:09.77 1:23.19

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ Str Fin Jockey $1

7 Bristol Bayou 126 7 6 4–½ 2–hd 1–1 1–1¾ Prat 0.50
5 Flat Out Joy 126 5 3 1–hd 1–½ 2–8 2–8¼ Valdivia, Jr. 3.20
1 Ballet de Cour 126 1 7 6–1½ 5–1 4–hd 3–nk Cedillo 7.40
4 Wild Arch 126 4 2 5–½ 6–2 5–2 4–3¼ T Baze 25.50
3 Varoma 118 3 1 3–1 4–½ 3–hd 5–6¼ Fuentes 12.70
6 Dynapower 126 6 4 7 7 7 6–1½ Boulanger 24.60
2 Malibu Mistress 118 2 5 2–½ 3–3 6–2 7 Figueroa 31.10

7 BRISTOL BAYOU 3.00 2.10 2.10
5 FLAT OUT JOY 2.60 2.40

$2 DAILY DOUBLE (2-7)  $5.80
$1 EXACTA (7-5)  $3.20
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (7-5-1-4)  $3.01
$1 SUPER HIGH FIVE (7-5-1-4-3)  $48.30
50-CENT TRIFECTA (7-5-1)  $4.00

Winner–Bristol Bayou Ch.f.4 by Carpe Diem out of Indian Pond, by Speightstown. Bred by Hargus & Sandra Sexton (KY). Trainer: Steven Miyadi. Owner: CM Racing. Mutuel Pool $274,685 Daily Double Pool $24,640 Exacta Pool $156,290 Superfecta Pool $128,295 Super High Five Pool $16,489 Trifecta Pool $161,051. Claimed–Bristol Bayou by Cohen, Stuart, Fritts, Marie J., Pellman, Harry and Seymour, Lauri. Trainer: Vladimir Cerin. Scratched–none.

50-Cent Pick Three (1-2-7) paid $15.10. Pick Three Pool $22,442.

BRISTOL BAYOU stalked outside the top pair, went five wide into the turn, bid outside at the three-eighths, took over mid-way around the turn, cleared FLAT OUT JOY with a furlong to go and inched away. FLAT OUT JOY dueled for command from outside, put away inside rival at the three-eighths but received another challenge from outside, lost the lead at the five-sixteenths, stayed on through the lane and finished well clear for second. BALLET DE COUR chased on the inside, angled out and went between foes leaving the turn and outfinished WILD ARCH for the show honors. WILD ARCH tracked outside a rival then angled in on the turn, saved ground into the lane and got edged for third. VAROMA forwardly placed in the early going, went three wide into the turn, exited the bend three deep or four wide and weakened. DYNAPOWER settled at the back, saved ground along the inside then came out in upper stretch and failed to menace. MALIBU MISTRESS dueled for the lead from inside, could not keep pace midway around the bend, dropped back while two wide into the stretch and tired.


6 Furlongs. Purse: $36,000. Starter Optional Claiming. Fillies. 3 year olds. Claiming Price $50,000. Time 22.45 45.42 57.57 1:10.52

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ Str Fin Jockey $1

2 Shanghai Sunrise 122 2 1 1–1 1–1½ 1–3 1–¾ Valdivia, Jr. 5.60
7 Agreetodisagree 122 7 3 3–2 3–2½ 2–hd 2–4½ Prat 2.20
3 Dancing Dana 122 3 2 2–½ 2–hd 3–2 3–¾ Cedillo 1.50
1 K P Kan Do 122 1 6 4–hd 4–2 4–5 4–4¼ Gonzalez 12.60
4 Warren’s Memorable 115 4 5 6–½ 5–hd 5–1 5–nk Centeno 22.50
5 Bold Article 122 5 7 7 6–½ 6–2½ 6–6¼ Hernandez 6.90
6 Mama Superior 122 6 4 5–hd 7 7 7 Pereira 8.70

2 SHANGHAI SUNRISE 13.20 6.80 3.20

$2 DAILY DOUBLE (7-2)  $20.80
$1 EXACTA (2-7)  $21.20
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (2-7-3-1)  $24.39
$1 SUPER HIGH FIVE (2-7-3-1-4)  $824.20
50-CENT TRIFECTA (2-7-3)  $21.40

Winner–Shanghai Sunrise Dbb.f.3 by Shanghai Bobby out of Pleasing Sunrise, by Speightstown. Bred by SLO Racing Stable (CA). Trainer: Mike Puype. Owner: SLO Racing Stable. Mutuel Pool $279,369 Daily Double Pool $30,354 Exacta Pool $155,825 Superfecta Pool $67,364 Super High Five Pool $6,479 Trifecta Pool $112,139. Scratched–none.

50-Cent Pick Three (2-7-2) paid $10.70. Pick Three Pool $63,146. 50-Cent Pick Four (1-2-7-2) 1357 tickets with 4 correct paid $82.25. Pick Four Pool $146,329. 50-Cent Pick Five (3-1-2-7-2) 888 tickets with 5 correct paid $412.50. Pick Five Pool $425,895.

SHANGHAI SUNRISE stumbled a bit leaving the gate but recovered quickly to set the pace inside a pair of rivals, inched away on the turn, led two wide into the stretch, urged right-handed and held well. AGREETODISAGREE chased outside the top pair early, outside a rival on the turn, three wide into the lane, put in a mild bid late and closed the gap. DANCING DANA stumbled at the start, raced up close outside the pacesetter, chased two to three wide into the drive and finished evenly. K P KAN DO settled inside, saved ground to the stretch and lacked a rally. WARREN’S MEMORABLE tracked two wide around the turn and never threatened. BOLD ARTICLE trailed the field early outside a trio of rivals, entered the turn five wide, exited four wide and was never a factor. MAMA SUPERIOR raced off the rail then four wide into the turn, traveled between rivals around the bend and into the stretch and came up empty.


1 Mile. Purse: $31,000. Claiming. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $32,000. Time 23.98 47.78 1:12.23 1:24.75 1:37.62

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey $1

1 Invictatatus 126 1 1 1–1 1–1 1–1½ 1–2½ 1–2¼ Cedillo 5.20
2 American Dancer 126 2 2 2–1 2–1½ 2–hd 2–½ 2–½ Valdivia, Jr. 5.50
3 It’s Fitting 126 3 4 4–1 4–1½ 4–3½ 3–1½ 3–3¼ Franco 10.50
5 Go Daddy Go 126 5 6 6 6 5–hd 5–3 4–3½ Pereira 0.90
4 Wedding Groom 120 4 3 3–½ 3–hd 3–hd 4–2½ 5–5¼ Desormeaux 3.50
6 Takeo 126 6 5 5–5 5–1½ 6 6 6 Gonzalez 15.50

1 INVICTATATUS 12.40 5.80 4.00

$2 DAILY DOUBLE (2-1)  $96.40
$1 EXACTA (1-2)  $30.90
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (1-2-3-5)  $25.62
50-CENT TRIFECTA (1-2-3)  $70.85

Winner–Invictatatus B.g.5 by Strong Mandate out of Rutledge Ballado, by Saint Ballado. Bred by Three Chimneys Farm, LLC (KY). Trainer: Alfredo P. Marquez. Owner: Cannon, Robert T., Goodwin, Kelley and Goodwin, Tim. Mutuel Pool $276,868 Daily Double Pool $25,311 Exacta Pool $147,201 Superfecta Pool $62,308 Trifecta Pool $93,600. Claimed–Wedding Groom by Jpf Investments I LLC. Trainer: Dan Blacker. Scratched–none.

50-Cent Pick Three (7-2-1) paid $33.80. Pick Three Pool $53,121.

INVICTATATUS sped to the front from inside, came off the rail into the stretch and remained clear under right-handed urging. AMERICAN DANCER closest in pursuit three wide early then moved to the two path, got bumped by WEDDING GROOM in upper stretch and stayed on to secure the place. IT’S FITTING chased in the two path then angled to the rail nearing the far turn, saved ground into the stretch, finished willingly but could not gain the place. GO DADDY GO entered the first turn four wide, moved into the three path then came back out into the backstretch, moved out widest, went five wide into the second bend, angled in a path and lacked a rally in the final furlong. WEDDING GROOM stalked outside a rival, came three wide into the lane, shifted in and bumped foe in upper stretch and weakened. TAKEO went five then four wide around the clubhouse turn, four to three wide on the second bend and weakened.


5½ Furlongs. Purse: $51,000. Maiden Claiming. Fillies. 3 year olds. Claiming Prices $100,000-$80,000. Time 21.94 45.46 57.41 1:03.67

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ 3/8 Str Fin Jockey $1

4 Stressed 118 4 1 1–½ 1–1 1–1½ 1–3½ Prat 1.40
2 Ginja 124 2 3 4–2½ 4–1 3–hd 2–2¼ Cedillo 1.00
7 Bowl of Cherries 121 7 2 5–3 5–7 4–1½ 3–¾ Valdivia, Jr. 7.30
6 Caparegime 124 6 4 3–1 3–1 2–1 4–7¼ Hernandez 14.10
5 Queen of Arendell 124 5 5 2–½ 2–hd 5–16½ 5–8½ T Baze 13.80
3 Jeanne B 118 3 6 7 7 6–hd 6–8¼ Boulanger 69.90
1 Flaps Up 118 1 7 6–½ 6–½ 7 7 Franco 50.70

4 STRESSED 4.80 2.40 2.10
2 GINJA 2.20 2.10

$2 DAILY DOUBLE (1-4)  $34.80
$1 EXACTA (4-2)  $3.90
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (4-2-7-6)  $2.31
$1 SUPER HIGH FIVE (4-2-7-6-5)  $28.40
50-CENT TRIFECTA (4-2-7)  $4.70

Winner–Stressed Ch.f.3 by Goldencents out of Spring Zapper, by Ghostzapper. Bred by Two Boys Partnership (KY). Trainer: Doug F. O’Neill. Owner: Reddam Racing LLC. Mutuel Pool $304,668 Daily Double Pool $31,906 Exacta Pool $149,241 Superfecta Pool $83,250 Super High Five Pool $15,389 Trifecta Pool $120,099. Scratched–none.

50-Cent Pick Three (2-1-4) paid $67.25. Pick Three Pool $50,096.

STRESSED broke well and angled in quickly, set the pace inside, asked at the top of the lane and kicked clear under energetic hand urging. GINJA well placed early behind the top trio, saved ground from inside, brushed with QUEEN OF ARENDELL entering the stretch, then finished well along the inside to prove second best. BOWL OF CHERRIES settled off the rail, took the turn four wide and gained the show. CAPAREGIME chased outside the top pair, put in a mild bid three deep around the turn, could not sustain the momentum leaving the bend and weakened. QUEEN OF ARENDELL broke out, showed early speed outside the leader, chased in the two path around the bend, brushed with inner rival into the stretch and tired. JEANNE B raced near the back of the pack, was taken in hand through the turn and was never a factor. FLAPS UP steadied briefly off heels early, went two then three wide around the turn and failed to menace.


5½ Furlongs. Purse: $63,000. Allowance Optional Claiming. Fillies and Mares. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $20,000. Time 22.16 45.68 57.79 1:04.23

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ 3/8 Str Fin Jockey $1

8 Li’l Grazen 126 8 8 6–1 4–½ 1–½ 1–2¼ Prat 1.50
9 Homehome 119 9 4 4–1 2–hd 3–2½ 2–1 Centeno 10.50
3 Liberalism 126 3 1 1–1½ 1–1½ 2–1 3–1¼ Maldonado 6.70
2 Little Miss Ellie 126 2 6 5–½ 6–2 4–½ 4–1¾ Desormeaux 7.20
7 Time for Ebby 126 7 2 8–1 9 9 5–½ T Baze 6.70
1 Vella 126 1 5 3–½ 5–hd 5–1½ 6–½ Figueroa 24.50
6 Jan Jan Can 126 6 7 7–hd 7–hd 7–½ 7–½ Hernandez 11.40
4 Kleen Karma 126 4 9 9 8–2 8–2½ 8–4½ Pereira 23.20
5 Trina 126 5 3 2–½ 3–1 6–hd 9 Cedillo 4.90

8 LI’L GRAZEN 5.00 3.20 2.80
9 HOMEHOME 8.00 4.60

$2 DAILY DOUBLE (4-8)  $13.80
$1 EXACTA (8-9)  $16.90
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (8-9-3-2)  $50.64
$1 SUPER HIGH FIVE (8-9-3-2-7)  $3,579.20
50-CENT TRIFECTA (8-9-3)  $62.25

Winner–Li’l Grazen Ch.m.7 by Grazen out of Cherry Gold, by Touch Gold. Bred by Nick Alexander (CA). Trainer: Peter Miller. Owner: Littlefield, Chad and Rockingham Ranch. Mutuel Pool $304,698 Daily Double Pool $40,343 Exacta Pool $162,628 Superfecta Pool $87,211 Super High Five Pool $4,691 Trifecta Pool $121,956. Scratched–none.

50-Cent Pick Three (1-4-8) paid $21.70. Pick Three Pool $53,646.

LI’L GRAZEN settled off the pace, advanced four then three wide around the turn, gained the lead in upper stretch and drew clear. HOMEHOME stalked the pace from outside, raced outside a rival or three wide into the turn, moved in a path and took aim two wide into the stretch, could not kick on the winner but proved second best. LIBERALISM dueled from inside then cleared rival past the half-mile pole, showed the way through the turn, lost command in upper stretch and flattened to third. LITTLE MISS ELLIE tracked three wide into the turn, angled four wide leaving the bend and kept on to fill out the superfecta. TIME FOR EBBY chased off the rail then dropped back leaving the backstretch, raced two to three wide around the turn, angled out in the stretch and improved position. VELLA forwardly placed from inside, angled out leaving the turn and weakened. JAN JAN CAN entered the turn two wide, angled out into the four path and lacked further response. KLEEN KARMA hopped and came away slowly, went outside rivals on the backstretch, took the turn four then five wide and lacked a rally. TRINA dueled for the lead from outside early then chased the leader to the turn, checked off heels past the quarter pole, came two wide into the stretch and faded.


6 Furlongs. Purse: $35,000. Maiden Claiming. Fillies and Mares. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $50,000. Time 21.98 45.98 58.65 1:11.90

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ Str Fin Jockey $1

8 Saturday Heist 118 7 1 6–2 1–hd 1–4 1–6¼ T Baze 11.80
6 Uncaged Kitty 118 5 7 5–½ 4–hd 3–4 2–4½ Gonzalez 2.10
2 My Tigress 126 2 5 1–hd 2–1 2–½ 3–1¾ Prat 1.00
4 Mamas Got Cash 126 4 3 4–hd 5–3 4–2 4–4¼ Flores 7.60
7 Big Cali Girl 111 6 2 7 6–6 5–½ 5–4¼ Centeno 14.00
1 Life’s Emotions 111 1 4 2–1 3–½ 6–13 6–13¾ Ellingwood 16.10
3 Chiquita Piquita 118 3 6 3–1½ 7 7 7 Franco 14.10

8 SATURDAY HEIST 25.60 9.20 4.20
6 UNCAGED KITTY 4.00 2.60

$2 DAILY DOUBLE (8-8)  $103.60
$1 EXACTA (8-6)  $47.30
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (8-6-2-4)  $34.95
$1 SUPER HIGH FIVE (8-6-2-4-7)  $1,273.00
50-CENT TRIFECTA (8-6-2)  $52.25

Winner–Saturday Heist Grr.f.3 by Gem Heist out of Mama’ssaturdaynite, by Any Given Saturday. Bred by Bob W. Grayson (CA). Trainer: Val Brinkerhoff. Owner: Bobby and Carol Ann Grayson Living Trust. Mutuel Pool $271,021 Daily Double Pool $81,762 Exacta Pool $144,521 Superfecta Pool $70,572 Super High Five Pool $20,016 Trifecta Pool $99,708. Scratched–V Bucks.

50-Cent Pick Three (4-8-8) paid $37.95. Pick Three Pool $185,574. 50-Cent Pick Four (1-4-8-8) 1828 tickets with 4 correct paid $233.60. Pick Four Pool $559,462. 50-Cent Pick Five (2-1-4-8-8) 172 tickets with 5 correct paid $2,414.05. Pick Five Pool $544,057. 20-Cent Pick Six Jackpot (7-2-1-4-8-8) 116 tickets with 6 correct paid $1,223.24. Pick Six Jackpot Pool $266,540. Pick Six Jackpot Carryover $152,961.

SATURDAY HEIST sat off the pace, advanced from outside a trio of rivals into the turn then put a head in front a quarter mile out, cleared leaving the turn and powered away. UNCAGED KITTY dropped back early then advanced inside up the backstretch, waited for room near the five-sixteenths, entered the stretch two wide and finished well for a clear second. MY TIGRESS dueled for the lead from outside, was overtaken at the quarter pole and gave way in the stretch. MAMAS GOT CASH chased well off the rail early, went between rivals into the turn, moved into the three path then back out four wide into the stretch and weakened. BIG CALI GIRL stumbled leaving the gate, entered the turn two wide, angled five wide leaving the bend and could not rally. LIFE’S EMOTIONS dueled from inside, chased the top pair past the quarter pole and tired. CHIQUITA PIQUITA was closest in pursuit up the backstretch, went three wide into the turn, dropped back around the bend, came five wide into the stretch and was through early.

Attendance Handle
On-Track N/A $526,301
Inter-Track N/A $1,295,623
Out of State N/A $6,979,227
TOTAL N/A $8,801,151

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