‘I Felt Defenseless’: Seoul Mayor’s Secretary Speaks Out About Alleged Abuse

SEOUL, South Korea — The secretary to one of the most powerful political figures in South Korea, Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul, described suffering years of abuse and sexual harassment at his hands, calling in her first public statement on Monday for a world where women can be treated “like humans.”

The statement was released hours after the funeral of Mr. Park, who committed suicide last week after his secretary went to the police with her accusations.

“I felt defenseless and weak before the immense power,” the woman said in a statement released through her lawyer at a news conference on Monday. “I wanted to shout at him in a safe court of law, telling him to stop it. I wanted to cry out how much he has hurt me.”

“I wanted to forgive him,” the statement continued. “I wanted him to be judged in a court of law and to apologize to me as a fellow human.”

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