In marijuana competition, a tension between clinical, alternative medicine – Allentown Morning Call

Tim Charles describes himself as a serial entrepreneur.

The Allentown native has dabbled in energy efficiency, international trade, manufacturing and real estate.

Now, Charles, CEO of PA Cannabis LLC, hopes to bring medical marijuana to Main Street via a dispensary that offers patients a holistic approach to health, private off-street parking and a comfortable ski-lodge-like atmosphere, smack in the middle of Emmaus.

He’s an evangelist for the medical benefits of cannabis, which he says helped his mother, Lucille Parker, recover from the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis.

• On Feb. 20, the Department of Health will start accepting what is expected to be hundreds of applications for 27 dispensary and 12 grower-processor licenses.

• Patients whose doctors certify them as eligible are expected to have access to medical marijuana in 2018.

Source:: Google – Health


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