Joe Jonas Reveals His Facial Hair Makeover By Shaving In Sections: See The Evolution In Selfies

Joe Jonas Reveals His Facial Hair Makeover By Shaving In Sections: See The Evolution In Selfies

Quarantine has been a bit ‘hairy’ for Joe Jonas. He decided to cut off the beard he grew in social-isolation and took his fans on a step-by-step shaving adventure.

“Swipe to shave [Joe Jonas’s] quarantine beard,” the official Jonas Brothers account posted on Apr. 16. Like an interactive barbershop, fans were able to ‘shave’ Joe, 30, clean. It started with a goatee (which would technically make it a “quarantine goatee,” or a “quarantee.”) One swipe – and suddenly, he looks less like a Nashville barback and more like a Minor League baseball player (trust us, there’s a difference.) Another swipe, and suddenly, Joe is sporting a “Lemmy from Motorhead” mustache. Maybe the Jonas Brothers can cover “Love Me Like A Reptile” on their next tour?

Joe’s shaving expedition didn’t stop there! The next swipe saw Joe channel his best Mangum P.I.-era Tom Selleck. All he needed then was a red Hawaiian shirt and a deep tan. However, it was not meant to be. One more swipe revealed Joe’s mostly shaven mug. Sure, there were a few spots that needed touching up here and there, but Joe was back to being the babyface that fans know and love. “this was way too entertaining,” one fan commented in the section, and to be honest, it was. Now, it’s time for Nick Jonas to do a similar gallery, but in reverse. Let’s see him go full Grizzly Adams.

Now that Joe’s cleanshaven, Sophie Turner can get back to practicing her makeup skills on her hubby. Sophie, 24, gave Joe a makeover on Apr. 9, and she showed off her work on her Instagram Stories. “That highlight,” she captioned a shot of him in magenta eyeshadow. He also had a glistening cheekbone. It was as much as she could do with a bearded Joe, but now that the hair is gone, she could paint him up. Maybe Joe will discover his drag queen name during quarantine?

While the makeovers and hairy beards might indicate Joe and Sophie are going stir-crazy while under quarantine, the couple is doing “spectacularly,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Joe is really stepping up his domestic game by “pampering Sophie.” He’s “cooking for her on the daily and doing anything she’s requesting,” according to the Insider. “They love that they are together and not working and can be together for the whole day. They love that they are being forced to be together and are taking everything very positively. It is as fun as it can be for them right now, they aren’t pulling their hair out just yet.” Well, they’re not pulling out their hair, but they certainly are shaving it off.

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