Joel Embiid embraces new nickname after hilarious ‘Jeopardy’ botch

Joel Embiid embraces new nickname after hilarious ‘Jeopardy’ botch

I’ll take hilariously botched answers for $1,000, Alex.

A “Jeopardy” contestant during Wednesday’s show had no idea what Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid’s nickname was, and it led to Embiid changing his Twitter name to reflect the wrong answer: “Do a 180.”

The contestant, Paul, took the $1,000 question in the category “Current Sports Nicknames.” Embiid’s nickname is “The Process,” the same phrase used to describe the Sixers’ rebuilding plan when they tanked for top draft picks.

The answer was, “Joel Embiid in 2019 won the trademark for this nickname of his that also describes the 76ers’ strategy of improving the team.”

Paul’s guess: “What is, Do a 180?”

The mistake got back to Embiid quickly, as Wednesday night he changed his Twitter name to “Joel ‘Do a 180’ Embiid???” while sharing a clip of him during his high school days spinning to pass the ball after overrunning the basket on what would’ve been an easy layup.

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