Justin Bieber ‘Excited’ For 1st Tour As A Married Man: He Wants Hailey Baldwin To Join Him

Justin Bieber ‘Excited’ For 1st Tour As A Married Man: He Wants Hailey Baldwin To Join Him

Hailey Baldwin is a constant source of support for hubby Justin Bieber, and he wants his leading lady by his side as he hits the road! The ‘Changes’ tour marks Justin’s first in 3 years.

Justin Bieber, 26, is planning for wife Hailey Baldwin, 23, to join him on his Changes tour! “Justin is in full tour prep mode and very excited,” a source close to the couple spills to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “This will be his first tour as a married man and that is making all the difference for him because Hailey gives him so much support and stability. He has full confidence that with her by his side this will be his best tour ever. He’s going into this with a very strong mind and a healthy mindset and Hailey is a big part of that,” the source also added.

It’s no surprise Justin would want Hailey by his side, especially given she inspired the most of his latest project! The Bieb croons about his love for the model on several tracks, and previously described Changes as a “honeymoon” album — and we couldn’t agree more. “Even though he knows it’s going to take a lot out of him to tour he feels prepared mentally, emotionally and physically to tour again and he can’t wait to get out and see all his fans again,” the insider noted. Justin hasn’t been on the road since his Purpose world tour, which went from Mar. 2016 to July 2017. Due to depression and exhaustion, the Canadian cut the tour short and cancelled a slew of shows that were scheduled through October of that year.

As for Hailey, she’s more than ready to clear her calendar to be right there with Justin on the 45 dates, which includes stops in Miami, Seattle and Toronto, which is just 45 minutes from Justin’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario. “Justin wants Hailey with him for the tour and she wants to be there,” the source continued. “She’ll still work, if she has a job she wants to do, she’ll go do it. But otherwise they’ll be together. They love being together. Justin is happiest when Hailey is with him and it’s the same for her. And it certainly won’t be a chore for Hailey, she’s very excited for this tour.”

Another insider echoed that the couple are on the same page when it comes to making plans — and Justin’s team is happy to have her around. “Justin is going to have Hailey on tour quite a bit. She is constantly welcomed and he expects her to be there most of the way,” the second source revealed, noting that her presence gives Justin peace of mind. “He knows he will feel way more at ease with her in tow during the tour.”

Justin announced the 45 date tour when he dropped his super sexy single “Yummy” on Valentine’s Day. As of right now, only North American dates are planned with plans for a May 14 kickoff in Seattle, Washington. “Another plus is that there isn’t any back-to-back tour dates. It is a bit spread out and he will have enough time away to hang out with her on off days as well,” they told us. “He is going through this tour way differently than the past. He wants to make sure that he completes the tour and does things on his terms and the more Hailey is there with him the better.” The tour is scheduled to wrap on Sept. 26 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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