Knicks’ Leon Rose era now has a starting date

Knicks’ Leon Rose era now has a starting date

The latest Knicks management era will begin on Sunday.

That’s when Leon Rose will take the reins as Knicks president, according to the New York Times.

Rose has been set to take over the beleaguered franchise for weeks, but first had to finish off his final responsibilities as one of the top agents in the sport for CAA.

That included being the driving force behind a celebration for Dwyane Wade, one of his former clients, this past weekend. With Rose’s entanglements nearly behind, he takes over the task of rejuvenating a Knicks franchise that has not been to the playoffs in seven seasons and is trying to regain the respect of the stars of the sport.

The Knicks fired Steve Mills from the role on Feb. 4 with general manager Scott Perry taking over personnel responsibilities in the interim.

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