Knicks, Rangers haven’t been tested for coronavirus

Knicks, Rangers haven’t been tested for coronavirus

No player on the Rangers or Knicks has been tested for COVID-19, per a statement released Wednesday night by the Garden.

The statement was issued in response to questions that mounted after it became known that the Nets had paid for a private company to test all their players. Four Nets, including Kevin Durant, tested positive for the coronavirus. The Nets have said that one player has symptoms, but that is not Durant, the only one of the four to be identified. Seven NBA players have tested positive while one, an unidentified member of the Senators, has tested positive among NHL players.

The players on the Rangers and Knicks have gone through multiple meetings with Dr. Lisa Callahan, who is the chief medical officer and senior vice president of player care for both clubs. The athletes are following government and league directives and are self-isolating.

“We have been following the recommendations of national and local health officials and continue to monitor our players closely,” the statement read. “As of now, with our players remaining asymptomatic, none of them have been tested for COVID-19. We will remain in close contact with health officials and with the NBA and NHL.”

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