Kris Bryant opens up about losing some joy for the game in ‘Red Line Radio’ interview

Kris Bryant opens up about losing some joy for the game in ‘Red Line Radio’ interview

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“It really got to me sometimes,” third baseman Kris Bryant said.

Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant has always been one to keep his feelings contained, but the former NL MVP opened up about being involved in trade rumors over the past three seasons.

Bryant, who was a guest on the “Red Line Radio” podcast on Thursday, detailed what it’s been like being involved in some of baseball’s biggest trade rumors and if still had fun playing the baseball.

“That’s a great question. At times, no. It really got to me sometimes,” Bryant said in the interview. “Just the stuff I was hearing. The first trade rumors that started to pop up [in 2018], that really got to me. I found myself like, ‘Man, is this even fun anymore? Why did I start playing this game?’ Because it was fun.

“Obviously, here’s a lot of other stuff involved. You make a ton of money and fame and all this. You have to get yourself back to why I started playing. I just remember my first home run, running around the bases, my dad picks me up after I round third. I don’t even touch home plate. That’s the joy that you have to find. And I found myself sitting there like, ‘I don’t have that joy right now.’ So I’m trying all I can to get back to that place.’

“This year was really rough for me personally, just stat-wise. I still had a good time, because people were so ridiculous [in the dugout/clubhouse] making the most of a terrible situation and that’s kind of what life is. … I hope to learn from that and get better for it.”

Bryant, 29, has been involved in trade rumors again this season and enters his final season of club control before becoming a free agent at the conclusion of the 2021 season.

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