La La & Carmelo Anthony: Why They Chose To Isolate Together Despite Being Legally Separated

La La & Carmelo Anthony: Why They Chose To Isolate Together Despite Being Legally Separated

La La Anthony raised some eyebrows when she revealed that she and estranged husband Carmelo are quarantined together during the COVID-19 outbreak. And we’ve learned EXCLUSIVELY why they made that decision!

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony‘s fans were delighted — and a little surprised — to find out they were quarantining together during the COVID-19 crisis. La La revealed the exciting news in an April 13 Access Daily interview: her estranged husband had joined her, their 13-year–old son and other family members to hunker down on the West Coast, even though they don’t live together under normal circumstances. Naturally, some fans were holding out hope that this meant the couple were officially back together. Well, that’s not exactly the case, a source close to the family tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Their reunion is all about their son, Kiyan Anthony!

“Lala and Carmelo are quarantining together for the sake of Kiyan,” the source explained. “They want to do what is best for him, and to be a united family. They’re getting through this together. Carmelo is dying to play basketball, and Kiyan wants to, as well, but they are mostly staying in and trying to pass the time. Video games, movies, being on social media at all times. And eating.” Oh! And don’t forget the TikToks! La La posted the cutest video of herself and Kiyan dancing to Biggie on Easter, April 12. Wearing bunny ears and pastels, she and Kiyan boogied down and lip synched to “One More Chance”. Right now, they’re fully focused on being together as a family, but the possibility of reuniting romantically is always there, the source dished.

“La La and Carmelo have gone through everything one can go through in a relationship. Though they are quarantining together, I wouldn’t say that they are fully back together — but the possibility of that happening is more likely than it was before the pandemic,” they noted. Family first overall; romance might return down the line, but that’s not exactly the case right now. Kiyan is the reason for everything and [being a] family is what is needed right now.” A second source who spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY echoed this.

“La La and Carmelo are in a really good place right now, and their main priority has always been to put Kiyan first, no matter what,” the insider said. “It was an easy decision for them to quarantine together for the sake of Kiyan and they’re making the best of this situation as a family. It’s actually been a really good thing being able to shut out the outside world to a certain degree and focus on their family unit.” The Power star, 38, and Portland Trailer Blazers player, 35, married in July 2010; La La filed for separation in April 2017 amidst rumors that Carmelo had cheated. She revealed several months later that she wasn’t pursuing a divorce, and their relationship status has been up in the air since. Fans were hoping that they had officially gotten back together when they celebrated Christmas 2019 together. But, like everything they do, it was all for Kiyan.

“They are both very motivated by what is best for their son, but it turns out [quarantining together] has been good for them too,” a third source said EXCLUSIVELY. It’s unclear how long they’ll continue to self-isolate, but there’s no indication that the COVID-19 crisis will end anytime soon. And the family will be fine. La La said in her interview that their time under the same roof has been “smooth sailing” so far. “You know, to see my son just so happy even in the midst of what’s going on in the world…is what’s important and what matters to me,” she said.

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