‘Love is Blind’ reunion: Here’s who got back together and who almost divorced

‘Love is Blind’ reunion: Here’s who got back together and who almost divorced

After all the “I dos” — and dramatic “I don’ts” — from the cast members of Netflix’s reality dating show “Love Is Blind,” it’s time for them to dish.

The show follows singles as they spend hours in “pods” chatting through a wall, unable to look at each other. Those attracted to the personalities on the other side of the wall go on to propose. Only then do they meet their new partners and test their relationship in the real world.

Now, all the juicy behind-the-scenes secrets were aired on the show’s “reunion” special, now streaming on Netflix and Netflix’s YouTube channel.

Spoiler alert! Here are the most dramatic moments from the reunion, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

Amber calls out Jessica

Amber Pike, 26, who is still married to Matt Barnett, 27 — one of just two successful marriages to emerge from the show — wastes no time in attacking Jessica. Over the course of the show, Jessica Batten, 34, who’d been spurned by Barnett early on, continued to flirt with him even after he got engaged to Amber (and Jessica was engaged to fellow cast member Mark Cuevas, 25).

So when they were in a room together again for the reunion, Amber came after Jessica. “To see her throwing herself at him in Mexico … b–ch you’re sheisty, you’re so fake!” she yells. Around them, fellow cast members look uncomfortable, even putting their heads in their hands. When Jessica apologizes for her behavior, Amber says, “I accept the intent behind the apology, I can’t be fully there yet.” Yikes.

Jessica disliked Jessica just as much as you did

Jessica from Love is Blind
Jessica from “Love is Blind”Netflix

Jessica didn’t only make enemies with Amber. Overall, she was the most widely disliked cast member among viewers, with tweets calling out her behavior. Aside from flirting with Barnett while he was engaged to Amber, Jessica also spent her time on “Love is Blind” doubting her engagement to sweet-tempered Mark before ultimately ditching him at the altar at their wedding. Ouch.

“There were some really cringe-worthy moments for me…” she admits at the reunion. “It’s tough, watching it back. It was obvious I was working through some things. I didn’t like the person I saw.”

She apologizes to Amber and Barnett for questioning their relationship, and she clears the air that she was attracted to Mark, since many audience members thought that she wasn’t. “Mark is a fantastic person and obviously very very attractive,” she says. “I’ve gotten a lot of messages about that, and that was never a concern.”

All the guys confess to being wowed by Lauren

Lauren Speed from "Love is Blind"
Lauren Speed from “Love is Blind”Netflix

“Love is Blind” mostly showed dates between couples who ultimately ended up together. So it’s surprising that when hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey ask the cast members whose appearance they were most surprised by once everyone saw each other in person, the guys unanimously said Lauren.

Lauren Speed, 32, is half of the show’s other successful couple aside from Amber and Barnett. She’s still happily married to Cameron Hamilton, 28, and even Shonda Rhimes tweeted about her love for the couple.

At the reunion, fellow cast member Kenny Barnes, 27, confessed that he was wowed by Lauren. “You’re stunning,” he says. Damian Powers agrees, and says he and Lauren dated every day up until their engagements. “We had the best conversations,” he says.

So even though the footage on-screen in “Love is Blind” makes it look like Lauren and Cameron were destiny from the jump, looks like Cameron had competition.

Carlton Apologizes to Diamond

Carlton Morton, 34, and Diamond Jack, 28, dramatically broke up in Mexico halfway through the show. Carlton hadn’t been honest with Diamond about his bisexuality, and she didn’t take it well that he hadn’t been upfront about who he was.

In the reunion, Carlton says both he and Diamond have been getting death threats online from viewers taking extreme sides after watching their fight. Diamond clears the air and says Carlton reached out to her privately and apologized after the show.

Carlton is still visibly shaken at the reunion. Crying, he says, “I would have done whatever it takes to be sitting on the couch as happy as these people.” He presents Diamond with her engagement ring and says, “I hope you take this ring as a symbol of friendship and the start of something new.” She accepts his apology.

Gigi and Damian are still together

Giannina Gibelli, 25, and Damian Powers, 27, blew up explosively at the altar in the “Love is Blind” finale. When Giannina said “I do” and Damian said “I don’t,” she ran out of the venue and onto the street in her wedding dress, before crying and raging at Damian. So it’s a shocker to find that a year later, they came to the reunion as a couple.

“Looking back, I respect his decision,” she says during the reunion. “Where we are now is so right for us. He has his own place, I have mine, we’re getting to know each other at our own pace. [Getting rejected at the altar] hurt so much, but it’s about what can I do with that, what can I learn from that.”

Amber confesses she and Barnett almost divorced

Amber and Barnett from "Love is Blind."
Amber and Barnett from “Love is Blind.”Netflix

Although Amber and Barnett are the only successful married couple to come out of the show (aside from Lauren and Cameron), it hasn’t been smooth sailing since the show filmed a year ago.

“There was one point where we almost broke because we had such expectations,” she confesses, explaining how they had trouble navigating how to party together, since he was “used to his bachelor life.” At one point, she went as far as calling a divorce lawyer. “I was like ‘This isn’t working,’ ” she says.

But as of now, they’re still together.

The “Love is Blind” reunion is out now. There’s no word yet on Season 2.

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