Mark Meadows threw a 70-person indoor wedding for his daughter, flouting coronavirus restrictions.

Mark Meadows threw a 70-person indoor wedding for his daughter, flouting coronavirus restrictions.

Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, hosted his daughter’s Atlanta wedding indoors in defiance of state and municipal guidelines that at the time limited gatherings to 10 people or less.

The wedding, held at Atlanta’s Biltmore Ballrooms in May, was first reported Thursday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It took place early in the coronavirus pandemic, as Americans were canceling or postponing their own weddings and other long-planned gatherings to comply with public health restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the virus.

Photographs from the May 31 event, posted online, show no masks or distancing among the crowd of several dozen tuxedo-clad attendees.

In one image, Mr. Meadows can be seen delivering a father-of-the-bride speech before a band with at least eight members. Another shows a 21-member wedding party posing with the newly married couple. Mr. Meadows and his wife, Debbie, are shown during the recessional walking together down a flower petal-strewn aisle while 50 people seated closely together watch.

Mr. Meadows declined to comment on the wedding.

Mike Moon, a photographer for Ember Studio, which photographed the event, said during an interview Thursday that people who worked to put the wedding on wore masks but most of the guests did not. Matt Trivett, who owns Ember Studio, said he did not wish to comment about whether he and his staff felt safe at the event.

“Vendors wore masks and so did some of the guests off and on when they wanted to,” Mr. Moon said.

Other photographs show Mr. Meadows dancing with his daughter, Haley, various groomsmen shaking hands and much dancing and mingling. The event would not have appeared out of the ordinary in pre-pandemic times.

None of the photographs posted in the online wedding album show any guests wearing masks.

More than 7,000 Georgians have died from the coronavirus. The death toll nationwide is now more than 212,000.

Mr. Meadows has overseen a White House staff that in recent weeks has become a hot spot for the virus. President Trump was given supplemental oxygen and hospitalized last weekend, and more than 20 other high-ranking administration officials, top campaign aides and Republican senators who have attended White House events have tested positive in the last two weeks.

During a mid-September briefing with reporters outside the White House, Mr. Meadows suggested there was little use in wearing masks — a position at odds with the administration’s own public health guidance.

“If masks is the panacea for everything,” Mr. Meadows said, “if that’s the way that we open back our economy and get everybody back to work, I will gladly wear my mask each and every day if that’s what makes the difference. And it doesn’t.”

Mr. Trump also has ignored public health guidance on masks and gatherings, continuing to hold large rallies with supporters crammed together during the pandemic. Most of these events have been outdoors, though he also held an indoor arena rally in June in Tulsa, Okla., that officials later said was the likely the source of a local outbreak of the virus.

Maggie Haberman contributed reporting.

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