Mayor’s ‘cheat sheet’: How LA County’s restrictions would change under state order

Mayor’s ‘cheat sheet’: How LA County’s restrictions would change under state order

Los Angeles County residents can still go to the nail and hair salons, but likely not for long with the Southern California region expected to undergo the state’s even stricter stay-at-home rules.

Most activity that isn’t considered essential have already been restricted under a county order — that was reaffirmed in a city order — so it may be difficult to discern what further restrictions the state rules would bring, if ICU capacity dips below a certain threshold.

Probably sensing that many Angelenos may be confused, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Friday, Dec. 4, offered up a “cheat sheet” during his livecast briefing. Here’s what he identified as “possible further restrictions” people in Los Angeles should prepare for in the very likely scenario that the state order will kick in within a matter of days:

  • Hair salons and barber shops, personal care establishments, and family entertainment centers would close.
  • Museum, aquariums and zoos would also close.
  • Overnight reservations at campground will no longer be accepted, although the mayor said those sites would remain open.
  • All stores, including grocery stores, would need to reduce capacity to 20% and institute customer metering.
  • Retail stores and shopping centers should to reinstate senior hours.
  • Essential activities and other critical activities can still take place at hotels, but tourists would no longer be able to stay there.

The existing restrictions, and the potential of further ones to come from the state, comes as the county ends the week with Los Angeles County public health officials reporting 8,860 new cases reported for a single day, and 60 deaths. They also said 2,668 people are hospitalized.

The county’s coronavirus website can be found here. The city of Los Angeles’s coronavirus website is here.


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