Mike Tyson knocks out Eminem in bizarre ‘Godzilla’ video

Mike Tyson knocks out Eminem in bizarre ‘Godzilla’ video

It’s a hit single.

Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson showed the world he still packs a punch after knocking Eminem out cold in the new music video “Godzilla.” The single is the latest off of the rapper’s 11th studio album, “Music To Be Murdered By.

The four-minute clip released late Monday shows Marshall “Eminem” Mathers, 47, rapping on the street while trying to evade an angry mob like Frankenstein. However, the trippindicular track is interrupted when the 53-year-old boxing legend randomly appears and floors Slim Shady with his trademark left hook, causing Mathers to “Just Lose it.”

“Uh, what the f–k? Mike?” says a dazed Eminem after coming around.

“Em, is that you?” an immediately rueful Tyson replies, apparently realizing his mistake. “I ain’t mean that, please, I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

The bizarre video — which has already racked up nearly 10 million views — then cuts to a battered Mathers in the hospital being treated by Dr. Dre and a Slim Shady facsimile in medical attire who feeds him Jack Daniels.

Tyson’s cold-cocking cameo isn’t the only trippy image in the punchy rap anthem, which, in accordance with its name, analogizes Eminem to Godzilla due to his societal outcast status and penchant for “spitting fire” (industry slang for rapping well). In one of the stranger moments, an intoxicated Eminem can be seen drunkenly staggering through a convenience store while flanked by two people in Godzilla costumes. 

The Cole-Bennet-directed single also featured a touching tribute to late rapper Juice Wrld, who died Dec. 21 of “oxycodone and codeine toxicity.”

After a career slowdown in the 2010s, Eminem has experienced a renaissance as of late, most recently wowing fans with a surprise performance of “Lose Yourself” at this year’s Oscar’s ceremony.

Eminem and Mike Tyson come to blows in the new music video for "Godzilla."
Eminem and Mike Tyson come to blows in the new music video for “Godzilla.”Lyrical Lemonade via Youtube

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