Nets unravel after refs miss obvious goaltending call

Nets unravel after refs miss obvious goaltending call

It was one of those poor calls that made you immediately wonder if it would come back to cost the Nets in a one-possession loss.

The referees appeared to miss an obvious goaltending call on Orlando’s Mo Bamba against Joe Harris on a drive to the basket early in the fourth quarter of the Nets’ 115-113 giveaway loss Monday night to the Magic.

No, one missed call amid a 19-point blown lead didn’t cost the Nets the game, but Kenny Atkinson acknowledged that his team lost its composure in the aftermath of the play with 11:22 remaining and Brooklyn still leading, 87-81.

“Yeah, I thought we lost focus. We shouldn’t let that happen,” Atkinson said. “Guys, referees miss calls. We miss calls and make mistakes out there. But we lost our focus a little bit after that.”

Kenny Atkinson
Kenny AtkinsonRobert Sabo

Indeed, DeAndre Jordan was called for a technical foul barely 20 seconds later, and D.J. Augustin sank the free throw to draw Orlando within one on its way to completing the comeback.

Atkinson also was displeased about a 17-8 disparity in free-throw attempts for the game.

“It wasn’t for lack of attacking them. We attacked them,” Atkinson said. “I think we [made] five free throws. You guys can make the judgment on that one.”

Kyrie Irving was in Los Angeles on Monday to attend the Kobe Bryant memorial at Staples Center, but the Nets still haven’t released the date or other specifics about his pending season-ending shoulder surgery.

“As far as the timing, there’s so many things involved,” Atkinson said. “It’s obviously his [decision]. But I think you’re trying to gather as much information, and I know he’s talking with the medical team and the performance team to find the best time and the best place and all that, the best doctor. It’s not even the best, it’s like, what fits? And when we have more information we’ll give it to you.”

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