Newsom Announces Rollbacks in California’s Reopening Plans

This is a new statewide action. Effective today, every county in the state of California impacted by a requirement now to modify indoor operations, and to expand opportunities for outdoor operations in these specific categories you see on the screen. So the sectors that we’re closing statewide, again restaurants, wineries movie theaters, family entertainment, zoos, museums, cardrooms and bars to outdoor activities to the extent possible. Now with counties on the monitoring list, we have this list: fitness centers, places of worship, offices for non-critical sectors, personal care services, that includes hair salons, barbershops and indoor malls. Both L.A. Unified School District as well as San Diego announced that they’re going to enter into the fall school season the way they ended last school year. And that is by utilizing distance-learning until we deal with the background rate of infections, contextualizing the schools and where they’re operating, the communities that are being impacted by rates of growth, positivity and spread of the virus.

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