NYC artist Vice Verses honored after death with massive Zoom conference

NYC artist Vice Verses honored after death with massive Zoom conference

Heavyweight hip hop MC Jason Williams, known by the name Vice Verses, is being honored with a massive teleconference after his death last week.

“Jason ‘Vice Verses’ Williams passed away last week and an entire, worldwide community is mourning … and celebrating. Celebrating the life of someone whose flowers will come attached with words like pioneer, icon and legend. And rightfully so,” a tribute to the artist on Medium reads.

The veteran lyricist, known for his signature aggressive style, served as a host of the legendary “End Of The Weak,” a long-running weekly open-mic in New York City.

Williams also invented the “MC Challenge,” which provided hip-hop performers a worldwide a chance to show their skills in a competitive environment “without the ridicule of a traditional battle,” according to a memorial fund set up in his memory.

Funds raised will be used to establish the Verses Foundation, a youth scholarship fund supporting creative development in young artists, his GoFundMe reads.

The teleconference memorial, being hosted on the Zoom platform, began streaming at 2 p.m. on April 19 and will continue until it reaches its “symbolic end” at 3 p.m. Friday — the end of the week.

The video stream, which will run a total of 121 hours, also serves as an ode to i.2.i, a group Williams created with colleague Prolific Wone.

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