NYCFC home-field plan growing more complicated

NYCFC home-field plan growing more complicated

New York City FC’s stadium saga is still in limbo.

Following a 1-0 (6-3 aggregate) win Wednesday over AD San Carlos of Costa Rica in a CONCACAF Champions League match it had to play at Red Bull Arena, the team said its venue for the tournament quarterfinals is still undetermined. A team spokesperson told The Post the club initially planned to play the second round when it hosts the first leg between March 10-12 at Yankee Stadium, but offseason field reconstruction there may mean the field needs more time before NYCFC’s MLS home opener against FC Dallas on March 14.

Nevertheless, even if NYCFC can play this round of the CONCACAF Champions in The Bronx, they won’t be playing there if they advance to the semifinals or further.

The Yankees’ homestand against the Orioles from April 6-9 directly conflicts with the first leg of the semifinals (April 7-9), and the second leg (April 14-16) could come a day before the Yankees play the Reds on April 17.

Furthermore, the two-legged final will be played from April 28-30 and May 5-7, when the Yankees will be playing host to the Tigers and Pirates respectively. The Red Sox also visit town for a series on May 8.

The club may be forced to play again at Red Bull Arena — a hugely unpopular option amongst their fans — and indicated it would be considered for the first leg if Yankee Stadium is not available for the quarterfinals. Citi Field is also unavailable for this round, but does have availability for certain semifinal and final legs, according to the team.

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