OG advances to the grand finals at The Summit 5

OG advances to the grand finals at The Summit 5

Moon of OG: Moon delivered another impressive series in OG’s 2-1 win over Liquid at The Summit 5. He finished with an overall KDA of 10/11/52. OG advances to the grand finals for a rematch with Wings Gaming.

In Game 1, Moon played Beastmaster in the Dire bottom off lane and was able to get off to a healthy start in lane, farming 1-vs-1 against a Tidehunter. His fast level six added even more to OG’s Drow Ranger ‘deathball’ pushing lineup. Primal Roar allowed them to secure the quick pickoffs that OG needed to take early towers. With the attack speed from Inner Beast and the vision advantage from his hawks, OG were able to take a 14-minute set of barracks. Only five minutes later, Liquid conceded the game. Moon finished with a 2/1/14 KDA. In Game 2, Moon played Slardar in the Dire bottom off lane. Once again he found himself in an early 1-vs-1, this time against Anti Mage. Moon got a good amount of early gold and experience, especially with Iron Talon giving him the option to jungle as well. He got a very quick 12-minute Blink Dagger, giving OG a way to initiate on heroes like Mirana, Faceless Void and Anti Mage. Although his ability to initiate was there, the execution was not. He found himself unable to find good stuns on Liquid’s dangerous and mobile heroes. Moon finished with a 0/5/7 KDA. OG lost Game 2. In Game 3, Moon played Batrider in the Radiant top off lane. Moon started off the game with a bang, getting two solo kills on MATUMBAMAN’s Huskar. He got a very fast Blink Dagger, giving OG ample opportunity to initiate on Liquid. Although his Lassos didn’t always get a kill, Moon’s initiations were good more often than not. Going into the late game, his vision and initiation advantage gave OG the edge in the late game. Moon finished with an 8/5/31 KDA. OG won Game 3.

Source:: Yahoo Science


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