Paige Spiranac’s dating disasters included men using her for golf

Paige Spiranac’s dating disasters included men using her for golf

Some of Paige Spiranac’s dates have cost her more than just time.

Speaking recently on her “Playing A Round” podcast, Spiranac said she would begin conversations by conveying her golf expertise, which ultimately backfired.

“The one thing I always had was that I was a good golfer, and guys love golf. So. I would always open a conversation with, ‘Hey, I play golf,’ and anything along those lines and I thought it would work,” the 27-year-old explained. “Unfortunately, they were only using me for golf lessons and golf equipment.”

Spiranac recalled a few meet-ups, which result in practice at a driving range.

“They would be like, ‘So Paige, let’s go out on a golf date, I’ll take you to this driving range, and we can just hit golf balls.’ And I would be like, ‘Yeah, that sounds great,’ and it would turn into a lesson of me just helping the guy become a better golfer,” she explained.

Spiranac said the experience wasn’t an isolated incident.

“That happened all the time since I was desperate and wanted guys to like me,” she said, spilling that she once gave her golf bag to an unnamed suitor.

Spiranac also said one offender kept quiet about his other relationship.

“He would text me like 24/7, he was really cute and flirty with me,” Spiranac recalled. “But the only time we would go on ‘dates,’ and I put that in air quotes, is because they were lessons, and so I would sit there and give him lessons, and he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend for six months.”

Spiranac has since found her forever love in Steve Tinoco. Last month, the personal trainer posted a sweet message in honor of her birthday.

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