Paris Jackson, Madison Beer & More Celebs Join Protest Frontlines Across The Country — See Pics

Paris Jackson, Madison Beer & More Celebs Join Protest Frontlines Across The Country — See Pics

Paris Jackson, Emily Ratajkowski, and many more stars took to the streets on May 30 to protest for justice after the tragic death of George Floyd and they posted touching photos and videos of their experiences.

UPDATE (5/31/2020 @ 6:54 p.m. ET): Madison Beer, 21, has tweeted that she was tear gassed at protests in Santa Monica, California. “LEAVE SANTA MONICA NOW IF YOU CAN I WAS JUST TEAR GASSED THEY ARE ARRESTING EVERYONE AND TEAR GASSING ALL CROWDS,” she posted on the social media platform. “If you’re in Santa Monica, please leave now. They’re tear gassing everything everywhere. I was just tear gassed and I can’t breathe,” she said in an Instagram live video. Earlier in the day, the star shared that she was looking for a “peaceful” protest to attend. “just trying to find a good one to go to, if anyone hears of another peaceful protest in LA today let me know,” she tweeted just hours before.

Paris Jackson, Emily Ratajkowski, and many more celebrities were on the frontlines of the massive weekend protests going on all over the country in response to the death of African-American man George Floyd, and they’re sharing some powerful photos and videos on social media. From walking the streets and holding signs to chanting touching phrases about justice for all African Americans, the posts were nothing short of impressive.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson holds a sign at one of the many May 30 protests for George Floyd and the “Black Lives Matter” movement. (Backgrid)

Paris joined a protest by walking and holding a sign that read, “PEACE, LOVE, JUSTICE,” along with a heart drawn on it and she shared a photo of her posing alongside someone else holding a sign that read, “INDIGENOUS PEOPLE FOR BLACK LIVES.” She also posted a video of people peacefully drumming and dancing with the signs. “today started out so beautifully, seeing people come together with peace and harmony in their hearts,” she wrote in the caption for the post before admitting the violence that happened later “broke my heart.”

Emily shared several pics and videos that showed the peaceful and violent part of the protests, including one pic of her walking and holding a sign that read, “DISMANTLE POWER STRUCTURES OF OPPRESSION” and a video that showed a car on fire. She also shared a photo of a wall that had “Arrest Killer Cops” written on it in graffiti. Another showed several protesters sitting on the ground.

John Cusack also spoke out about being involved in a protest in Chicago, IL and even claimed cops in the area hit his bike with batons after he tried filming video of a burning car. He took to Twitter to share a video that had audio of the incident in which voices, most likely cops, were telling him to “Get out of here!” to which he responded with, “Alright, I’m going.”

Halsey and her ex Yungblud were also spotted at the Los Angeles, CA protest. They walked alongside others while wearing face masks to stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic and the “Without You” singer took to her Instagram story to share photos and captions that claimed she witnessed cops “open fire with rubber bullets and tear gas multiple times.”

Ariana Grande also joined in the same protest. She walked and held a “Black Lives Matter” sign while also stopping to take photos with fans. She shared videos of her walking on the streets with honking cars signaling their support. Machine Gun Kelly was another star at the L.A. protest and he shared a black and white photo of himself holding a sign that read “Silence is betrayal” while standing near Mod Sun.

Nick Cannon also shared a photo of himself at a Minneapolis protest holding a black and white poster of George with the words “JUSTICE FOR FLOYD” on it. He wore a black hoodie that had George’s words to cops, “Please I can’t breathe”, written on it in white text.

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