Playboi Carti & Lil Uzi Vert: Why Fans Fear They’re Feuding After New Song ‘Meh’ Drops

Playboi Carti & Lil Uzi Vert: Why Fans Fear They’re Feuding After New Song ‘Meh’ Drops

Lil Uzi Vert posted a seemingly cryptic response to his frequent collaborator Playboi Carti’s latest track — leading fans to think they’re not getting along or even dropping new music together!

No one can quite figure out what’s going on between rappers Playboi Carti, 23, and Lil Uzi Vert, 25! It all started when Carti, born Jordan Terrell Carter, dropped his new song and video “@ MEH” via social media on Thursday, April 16 — his first solo track release since 2018. ‘Meh’ is a common slang term used to describe a mediocre feeling, and it seems like that was Lil Uzi’s — born Symere Woods — attitude about the jam. Hours after the release, Uzi tweeted “Just Meh .” alongside a picture of the single’s cover art. At first glance, it definitely seemed like Uzi was throwing his frequent collaborator Playboi some shade!

Minutes after, Carti — who dated Iggy Azalea — responded with a tweet that said “. MoNDaY,” seemingly implying he had more music coming on April 20! Playboi once again wrote back, “so u dropping Monday Bet it,” then also wrote “. MoNDaY” — just like Carti did. While the tweets are confusing and cryptic, it also appeared the pair could have another collaboration in the works, perhaps a remix of “@ MEH” — or Carti could drop his highly anticipated album Whole Lotta Red (which maybe Lil Uzi Vert appears on in some capacity).

Either way, the back-and-forth between the “wokeuplikethis*” rappers threw fans into a tizzy, speculating about what would be going on! “IS CARTI AND UZI BEEFING OR ARE THEY COLLABING I NEED ANSWERS,” @souljagirllaura tweeted, adding a slew of heartbreak emojis. Others seemed convinced the “feud” was a front to promote new music. “They doing this for clout and look how much attention it has brought, smart business,” @kurrysauce94 posted. “remember when carti and uzi were besties,” another fan @sofiiicordova shared.

A quick look back at some older tweets implies the pair have been feuding for a while, as Lil Uzi tweeted on Mar. 19 “Soon as HE drop imma drop again.” While he didn’t name any names, he seemed to suggest that he was planning to release music on the same day that Carti dropped his anticipated record (for the record, Uzi’s last album Eternal Atake was released on Mar. 6). The pair even announced they had a collaborative mixtape, 16*29, and had recorded over 100 songs together — but Lil Uzi has since deleted tweets teasing the project. On Nov. 28, Lil Uzi even responded to a fan who asked if they were still friends, to which he wrote, “NO.”

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